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Vegan Chocolate Stevia Truffles recipe

Stevia Vegan Chocolate Truffles (30-40 truffles depending on ball size)

To get you started I’m sharing a Chocolate Truffle recipe in which I used Stevia: 355 more words

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Essential Oils & S.O.S. Repair your Skin Naturally (Part 3)

Today, I thought I might share a little bit about some natural ingredients, that I have been using for years to heal my skin in emergencies; you can easily use them to restore your skins health. 3,764 more words

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Essential Oils & Favorites for Skin care (Part 2)

In part one of this post we learned about Essential oils, Carrier oils, precautions and easy ways to incorporate into your daily life; for skin or meditation purposes. 1,574 more words

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Essential Oils- Meditation and Skin Care (Part 1)

This is a topic that I have found is an essential part of Meditation and daily life, as you learn and experience different parts of  taking a Spiritual path. 1,429 more words

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Mazzoni Makes - Floral Colour Block Display

This floral block display is one of the first things I learnt when I did my floristry course and it is really easy to do, making a lovely gift or just a nice addition to the home! 268 more words


beautyjoynlove new blog!


I thought it would be fun to share and write about topics that I love! I hope to make an open space that will inspire and provide joy, health, beauty, peace or fun into daily lifestyle.   79 more words

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SHEDNOTES 74: Some notes on screws

For years, The Shed has operated mainly on inherited, left-over or reclaimed screws – most of them single-slot originally, although we have moved as far as having a range of crosshead screwdrivers, imperfectly understood, in order to deal with flat-pack standards. 364 more words

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