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Chapter Four

May 29, 2015


Bills and miscellaneous papers lined Gina’s desk as she painfully went through each one. By 11:30 a.m. she made two piles. One represented her past life and one represented the life she would continue to pay for and within a minute she realized that when a company is taking one’s money they will do everything they can to make that happen, but when one is cancelling a service, they will go to great lengths to frustrate them to the point one would want to keep their services… “Look” Gina said, “I’m moving. 212 more words


I'm in Love with the Driver: The Mess We've Made

I turned the shower off and stepped out of the tub onto the bare tile. I didn’t even bother with the shower shoes. The floor was littered with my clothing; caked in blood and now soaking wet. 648 more words

Saudi Arabia

My Goodness!!

Well, this is not what I intended:(  But, I am back!!! I have moved, gotten a new job, and am separating from my husband of thirty years, and so on and so on…. 74 more words


Marriage counseling #2

Two days ago we had I our second marriage counseling session. (Link to first session)

I suggested to Marie before our appointment that we share our… 396 more words

How One Divorce Changed Washington’s Constitution, May 6. 2015

A co-worker and friend, Michael Fasset, wrote the following article How One Divorce Changed Washington’s Constitution. Michael is not a lawyer, but in my mind he knows Washington’s constitution and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) better than many judges. 9 more words

Stand Up For Zoraya

Beginning my Bengali Bou

It wasn’t the happiest day in my life; it wasn’t even in the top five. You might expect that, since I already had two amazing little munchkins, but it should have been higher than toward the end of the top ten, right? 369 more words


@twarte @comodo @verisign your not actual signatures your a fisard!

Most SSL Certificate providers in no way offer any security, they are in face of truth a complete lie; they like to peddle your monies and watch you through the screen; currently myself and people not even on dodo.com.au are getting this result where it will dial around and mount the dodo.com.au SSL Certificate on 3rd parties from this ISP; which if you have ever mounted on of their botch security certificates which was designed to be inward reflected and dead-weight like the society that supports them you will know they are done at the service point like httpx:// or ftpx:// which is a peer-to-peer system that provided security details on signing in the browser. 73 more words

Open Typalatic