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Heal Me, Lord

So… I took a part time job to get me out there with people again. I will admit, I feel like I took a step backwards, because I worked so hard to build my own business. 478 more words

Break Ups

Unsettled Thoughts

The room is still
the light is dim
Unsettled thoughts weave
their cycle of insecurities

I speak to the walls around me
waiting for an answer to this pain… 54 more words

Divorce part 2...to sell or not to sell this is the question...

After writing Divorce part 1 about lawyers I did e-mail the old “late” lawyer to see how much she would charge me.  I want to go the free do it myself and just pay filing fees…and I think I figured it out…I’ll explain in part three….but right now *drum roll*…part two… 872 more words


My parents have been divorced since I was 5 ...

My parents have been divorced since I was 5. I currently live with my father and hardly ever see my mom since we moved. Whenever I’m with my dad and the topic of my mom comes up, he and my stepmom are always saying how they do way more for me than my mom and it really bugs me. 276 more words


Polygamist critique of Tunisia (1st Edition)

Habib Bourguiba received praise by the mainstream media for being a so-called “liberator of Tunisia” and “champion of women’s rights” but he was a far cry from such as this political figure was a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing; As an agent of neocolonialism, he imposed a ban on traditional polygamy in Tunisia; He left behind a legacy (one inherited by his successor, Zine Abidine Ben Ali) of rampant divorce (one Tunisian woman even stated divorce has become like the most popular sport in the country), and prostitution in the country. 28 more words


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From cold and lonely to warm and empowering

It is one of the most dreaded things when a relationship goes south. No matter how angry you are at your partner, no matter what wrongs they did or the hurtful words they said, this is the moment where all that gets washed away and it hits you… 715 more words


On Divorce: An Introduction

So what does the Church really teach on divorce?

     Sadly an estimated 28% of Catholic marriages end in divorce and just over 15% of Catholic marriages end with a petition for an annulment. 723 more words