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No Room for Regret.

Life is made of the decisions we make.
Simply our choices,
Whether good, or maybe bad.
It’s something we all know,
And, the world around us sees. 88 more words

Discovering Spirituality After Divorce

People often seek spirituality or religion after a difficult life experience. We are looking for comfort, answers, peace, and perhaps a presence more powerful than ourselves, someone who can help us do what we know now that we can’t do alone. 506 more words

Cat on hot bricks

..and so I face a week of stacked up appointments…back in the scanners again tomorrow then blood tests then GP then dental work then echo then oncology. 80 more words


If there was a button to turn back time

I’d press it now until you were mine

Just like a cassette tape on rewind

If only life was just that simple. 308 more words


The First Third – Will Kostakis

Penguin Australia


Format:Paperback, 248 pages


price:AUD $17.99



Yes, ok, I admit it. I may well be one of the last few teacher-librarians in Australia who hadn’t read… 363 more words

Childrens Books

Marital Status

Doa yang betul, adalah BUKAN-lah doa seperti doa yang kita pahami sekarang. Doa yang betul adalah doa mengucapkan rasa ‘BERSYUKUR’.

Kadang-kadang sulit untuk menterjemahkan suatu ungkapan dalam Bahasa Inggris ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia. 369 more words

Self Confidence


This morning my house looks like a florists.

Yesterday was the much feared birthday party. The one in which my love was to meet my family and friends. 383 more words