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Presenting an Effective Relocation Case By Jeff Weissman, Attorney, Gladstone & Weissman

Most people want the flexibility to move from one city to another, or even relocate to a different part of the world. Parents usually find that a relocation request proves most effective if they prepare their case with the help of an attorney knowledgeable in family law. 151 more words

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5 Steps to File a No-Fault Divorce

No-fault divorce just means that the spouses are not accusing each other of doing anything wrong to end the marriage. This is different from an uncontested divorce, in which the spouses offer no legal opposition to the divorce, but there is still less to contest in a no-fault divorce. 257 more words

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In re the Marriage of Igene

2015 Il App (1st) 140344

Rare invalidity (annulment) case.

Trial court found marriage invalid (annulled) because husband had 3 prior secret marriages, and was married to another woman at the time of their 1st ceremony, but after his divorce, they married again at the courthouse.   73 more words

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Motion to Reconsider filed within 30 days of custody decision prior to final order was not premature

In re Marriage of Harris

2015 Il App (2d) 140616

Trial Court denied motion to reconsider a custody decision because it was filed before a final decision on custody.   75 more words

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What kind of divorce lawyer do you want?

What kind of lawyer should I hire? (avoid the pitbull).

Many spouses are faced with the decision as to what “kind” of lawyer to hire. Friends and family will typically offer referrals or what lawyer’s call “armchair” advice. 1,387 more words

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Where's The Worst Place To Get Recognized?

After Rebekah’s wreck the other day, she mentioned that the people at Enterprise Rent-A-Car remembered her from the first wreck!  As she said, if the people at the rental car desk know you then it’s probably not a good thing. 120 more words


Reviewing The Initial Prerequisites For New Hampshire Divorces

New Hampshire divorce proceedings are governed by the state. This indicates that the petitioner must fulfill all prerequisites prior to filing to dissolve the marriage. The first of these requirements pertains to their residency. 387 more words

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