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The power of the mind.

The sleep programme is now three weeks in and I’m amazed how much difference it has already made. The even better thing is that I don’t feel like I’m actually doing loads different so far. 463 more words


The Remedy for Contentment: Spiritual Imagination

As believers of Jesus, we need not to learn the skill of Spiritual Imagination.  The remedy, instead, is to unlearn the habit of accepting that the limits of our physical, tangible, pragmatic skin is all we have at our disposal.” 

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Whats Worse? My Codependency or My Wifes Narcissism?

Every day continues to be a new challenge.  Just yesterday, I wrote a post where I felt fairly comfortable with where things are in my life considering that my apparently narcissistic wife of 5 years moved out 6 months ago and has filed for divorce (with the process in the more or less final stages).  890 more words


Sometimes in life you have to let go. Imagine waking up one day and your spouse or long-term partner tells you that they are leaving you, they want a divorce; you don’t make them happy anymore. 614 more words

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Ex rant

As exes go, mine is pretty good. We can cooperate on many things without yelling or putting each other down.

Things could be better, in my opinion. 508 more words


The Challenges of Leaving My Narcissist Behind.

My mornings are slowly starting to improve.  A typical wakeup normally includes the immediate depressing thought of “I am still alone” in combination with dreading another day of the same thoughts, talking to myself about the whys and hows of what has occurred over and over, and an overall feeling of “here we go again”. 810 more words


A Narcissist Divorce

As, I shared in my last post, my narcissist husband is divorcing me, I should be rejoicing, but I still feel somewhat devastated. Going through a divorce can be such a hurtful experience, you hurt so deeply that, at times, you feel as though you’re being stretched further than you’ve ever been stretched before – mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. 928 more words

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