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Bottom of the pile

Blog 3 – 6th May 2015

The hardest part about being single is the fact all my friends seem to be at a completely different place in their lives, most of them are trying for babies or have ready-made families or they’re just too damn busy, this really doesn’t help with self-confidence as you feel everyone has a valid interesting life other then you! 99 more words


Starting Over As Ms. Book launch update.

Hello everyone.

I thought it was about time I gave you an update on what’s happening with the blog and also the book. You might have noticed a lot of the posts and articles are now either missing or only show small sections. 209 more words


Liar, Cheater, Stealer - LCS

I started using the term, LCS to abbreviate my ex-husbands behavior.  It was easier, since he was always was doing one or more of the three.   700 more words



Blog 2 – 5th May 15

I still pang for my old life no matter how toxic the relationship had become, just the thought of someone being there, the routine of mundane couple life; get in, cook dinner, stroke cat, swap niceties, quick cuddle then TV for the rest of the night (exciting huh?) I suppose part of me can see why he looked for excitement elsewhere although that’s definitely no excuse! 237 more words


How NOT to Communicate; 10 Methods or Means of Communication that are more Trouble than they are Worth.

A big part of the any relationship is communication.

A big part of the trouble in many relationships is  difficulty with or lack of communication. So, I have made a list of ways to NOT communicate. 185 more words


A report from the front lines

I am learning so much lately.

Little tidbits of “wisdom” provided by ever so helpful males I have met via my foray into online dating. And who am I not to share these magnanimous pearls? 464 more words


Magic Weekend

I feel warm and happy.  Like a cool breeze on a soft summer evening.  Possibilities of the world are in front of me.  For the first time in months I feel excited. 229 more words