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Heartbreak Song

22nd May 2015 –

When it comes to heartbreak I expected the anger and grief but I didn’t expect the physical symptoms, even though I know I’m getting better and starting to appreciate life again I have this dull ache in my stomach like something important is missing, if I give in and feel the ache too much it just manifests itself as tears and dramatic sobbing. 331 more words


I'm not as sorry as I should be

In the Fall of 2014, about 6 months after the divorce, I sold my ex-husbands prized car and Iroc-Z on Craigs list.  All of my friends but one said he deserved me selling it, but one said it was wrong and questioned me if was it worth it.   672 more words


I Hate Going Backward. My Life Post-Narcissist Continues.

I hope this ride ends pretty soon, or at least smooths and stabilizes some how some way.  A couple of days ago I was riding the crest of a wave, a wave that I hoped would take me into shore.  823 more words



She wore a red dress, unsure of what the meeting was for.  He arrived late, and went straight to business.

“I talked to a lawyer last week.   59 more words


Healing from a Broken Heart

So your heart is broken, you have gone through all the stages of being shocked to the acceptance stage and the most important part of the process is the process of healing. 744 more words


Responding to a Sociopath

Ever heard the phrase like oil and water? Oil and water never really mix. Oh, sure, they can be shaken up into such tiny globules that they look completely and wholly integrated with each other, but, given time, they separate out into visible splotches. 730 more words