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How to overcome Temptation

Temptation begins by capturing your attention. What gets your attention arouses your emotions. Then your emotions activate your behavior; and you act on what you felt. 42 more words

Fighting Temptation

Spiritually, your mind is your most vulnerable organ. To reduce temptation, keep your mind occupied with God’s Word and other good thoughts. You defeat bad thoughts by thinking of something better. 20 more words

Annual Islamic Conference 2015: Religion & Rationality

Religion and Rationality –AIC 15

“ who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return vision ; do you see any breaks?

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look: love

If I look closely, I can see my self in you.

If I truly love my self, I will love you.

If I can accept my own humanity, I will accept the humanity in you. 36 more words


God in Need of a Stiff Drink

By Gregory

While I believe Jews and Christians worship the same God, I will admit that often they approach the Eternal One rather differently. Reading the Hebrew Scriptures as a Jew and no longer a Christian has certainly opened my eyes to some differences – especially differences in how Yahweh is portrayed in the Tanak versus the Christian scriptures. 234 more words


Trolls With Tolls and Google Buses oh My!

Sometimes I think we may all just be practicing a million moments of surrender, so that dying won’t feel like such a big deal. Rumi says: “There are a million different ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” but if we are all on the same bus headed over a cliff, trying to vie for the best seat, why kneel, or kiss? 666 more words

Porter Robinson - Divinity (khlark Flip)

Prepare to listen to a huge remix of Porter Robinson’s hit track, “Diviniy”, off of his ‘Worlds’ Album. This remix pretty much came out of nowhere as it was created by a fairly new artist by the name of khlark. 74 more words