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You're doing diversity wrong #SHRM15

Today is the first full day of #SHRM15 and us bloggers have been busy bees! I’m pretty proud of myself for getting up before the sun over here and cranking out a run AND getting back to the room and ready in time for a 7 am session! 565 more words

Color-coded or color-blind admissions? Supreme Court will take up the complex question.

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed today to take up the question of affirmative action, revisiting race-conscious admissions in Texas.

In 2014, reviewing a case sent back to it by the Supreme Court, a federal appeals court panel said the University of Texas could continue using race as a factor in undergraduate admissions. 653 more words


For These Girls, #Tech is a Rewarding Challenge | CNET #STEM #genderdiversity #genderequality

An international tech competition targets Silicon Valley’s diversity problem, aiming to inspire girls around the world into taking up — and sticking with — technology. READ MORE:¬† 9 more words


What's Next?

My Facebook page, which is populated by my closer friends and relatives who are not LGBT, is currently awash in rainbows and well wishes to gay and lesbian couples who can now get married. 697 more words

Arranged marriage vs love marriage

Nowadays, in the western world we find a great amount of people that are involuntarily single after thirty. Their dilemma is not anymore to get married or not, but if they can find an appropriate person to marry. 499 more words

What God says about diversity

There’s a big word being thrown around recently: diversity. The dictionary defines it simply as variety. I, personally, like a little variety in my life. I drive different ways to get to one place. 332 more words


june 29 update 

so 2/4 people in my suite are from new orleans and therefore 4/7 people i’ve met are also from there… their accents are so cute and southern. 88 more words