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Despite $300 Million/6 Year "Optimism" Campaign Army Morale Is In The Dumper

Army Morale Low Despite 6-Year, $287M Optimism Program

” More than half of some 770,000 soldiers are pessimistic about their future in the military and nearly as many are unhappy in their jobs, despite a six-year, $287 million campaign to make troops more optimistic and resilient, findings obtained by USA TODAY show.

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Playing Pretend

I feel like I’m just kidding myself anymore. Every once in a while, it seems like he is genuinely here with me. For the most part, I feel like he’d rather be a million miles away or is a million miles away. 496 more words


This is how you lose her

Hi friends,

Sorry I have been MIA, AKA being lazy not updating my blog like I should. I’d like to think a lot has happened since I last blogged. 1,006 more words

Somebody's Watching Me?

Camera taken from internet:

Do ever get that sensation that as you’re walking down the street you feel eyes staring at you as the hairs on the back of your neck tingle. 509 more words

How To Deal With Jealousy, Which Attacks Silently

We brush it aside, we try to repudiate this emotion but jealousy is a natural and inborn emotion. Does it stem from comparison or immaturity? 865 more words


293. Trust is Earned by Interest

Can you handle the truth,

Or will you run away?

Can I tell you the truth,

Or should I hide the truth away?

I will not offer willingly, 82 more words