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My Eyes Are Open

There is something wrong

With me

With this world

Thoughts overcrowd my head like a Bangladesh train ride

Don’t know what to believe

Who to trust… 137 more words


Animation - Eight

How simply it begins, this fall from grace. I wonder if it was thus for Lucifer, most beautiful of the angels (and how could I presume to understand that?), but still, happening upon the thought of power – new, unbidden but complete – and therefore having to stretch, to reach, following the nature and the knowledge no matter where it led. 814 more words

Serial Horror Stories

Predicament Avoidance

Or, No Need toCause a Scene Because Mentat and Vega Finally Owned Up to Something

I faced a dilemma earlier this week. It’s been resolved to the benefit of all parties, but I swear to god that dating two people is exponentially more challenging than only dating one. 1,385 more words


Dispassionate Desire

I ran straight into it

Like a cement wall to the face

Soon you occupied all my thoughts

And I had no way of slowing the pace… 47 more words


Will You?

He is back.

He left you in tears of distrust and from disdain without even looking back. But now he is back. Your mama told you “ 550 more words

Matters Of The Heart

It's Late, And I Need To Write

I have no idea what to write about, but I can feel the words and the tears welling up in my mind and my heart. I do not know where these things, the words, so often accompanied by tears of joy and sadness, come from. 547 more words


Kenyans' distrust of government is fast approaching American levels

Emmy Rono, a Harvard graduate and an upcoming scholar, coined the theme of this week’s piece during a recent conversation on campus. The topic of discussion was the often-ignored relationship between terrorism and corruption. 1,164 more words