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Down the Drain

It swirls

She purges

She eats


Her mind

It slows

She leans

And throws

Her throat

Is sore

Her soul

Is torn


The pain… 18 more words


We Have No Knobs On Our Stove

We have no knobs on our stove.

I was recently talking to a friend of mine about her sons breaking her tv while rough-housing…
if my tv broke it would be the dogs…. 278 more words

Always Relating My Future To Other People's Distructive Relationships And Hypervigilance...

I don t know if this is the right place to post this thread but if it isn t right then please feel free to move this post. 83 more words

Cyber Genacide

Generatory segmentation
Motor skills devolved
By motor neuron developementation
Information highways and netscapes
Delude the internal matrix
Youth scrambled and lathargic
Technalogical advances inhibit skill… 116 more words



Red mist

Desending deeper

Rage and contempt build

Preasure rises higher

Whisltling like a kettle on heat

Vision impared and blurried

Jaws tight shut

Teeth gnarled and grinding… 64 more words