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The Calendar of Wine Sales in China

Just like wine sales in France or the US are dictated by seasons and public holidays, China also has a few events to keep in mind to plan for the seasonality of your wine sales, or to schedule your promotion trip to China. 600 more words


room 4 _ spatial assembly

a-project is extending the logics of “room” distribution into an “assembly” of spaces – the spatial configurations of room compartments extended as multiple grid constructions of individual “houses” that respond to localised grid and contingent influences on the assembly of “rooms” and “floors”. 131 more words


room 2 _ compartment distribution

a-project is developing logics of “room” distribution – the spatial configurations of room compartments that extend multiple grid constructions of an individual “room” to influence the interrelationships and complexities of a series of spaces of enclosure. 111 more words


Can I buy your whole harvest? - crazy questions to answer seriously

I think we have all had this experience. You are at a wine fair in China, this guy comes by, try your wine, tells you how he likes it SO much, asks how many bottles you produce every year, and finally pops the big question: “Can I buy your whole production?”. 245 more words


Apps and Trees?

When your business uses less paper, it means cutting down fewer trees – which is a breath of fresh air for everyone!  Fulminology LLC Apps and Web Forms are transforming the way the world does business. 65 more words