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Installing FlexiCapture Disty

Windows server 2012. SQL EXpress 2012.

Database is created and then get an error.

Fixed it by adding a external storage path on that page. However, ABBYY Man says … 195 more words


Reaction Paper: Arts Education


Halverson, E., & Sheridan, K. (2014). Arts Education and the Learning Sciences. Chapter 31 in Learning Sciences. (p.626-646).

Halverson, E., Lowenhaupt, R., & Kalaitzidis, T. 624 more words

Professional Reflections

HPC Setup

I’ve been trying to setup an HPC cluster of all the PCs I have at home. When I finish that, I’ll be able to continue the N-Body post series. 77 more words

Daily Scrum with Distributed teams: an iterative approach to distributed stand-up technology

Recently we’ve been doing a lot of work across multiple sites and have been experimenting with different technology to facilitate video conferencing in our daily scrum.  1,087 more words

Stand-up Meeting

Tutum’s Take on a Distributed Team

I hope that by now our users and followers are catching on that Tutum is all about delivering a service that, as our CEO likes to say, is the “happy marriage between simplicity and flexibility.” Striking this balance, in the world of infrastructure application development, isn’t an easy task and has historically been mutually exclusive. 877 more words


>L'article du jour>  The Next Step in #Education #Innovation

Learning with ‘e’s: Constructionism 3.0

Steve Wheeler quotes Vijay Kumar that learning innovations should be
(1) open, and
(2) digital (e.g. visualisation and animation) 43 more words

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