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Tutum’s Take on a Distributed Team

I hope that by now our users and followers are catching on that Tutum is all about delivering a service that, as our CEO likes to say, is the “happy marriage between simplicity and flexibility.” Striking this balance, in the world of infrastructure application development, isn’t an easy task and has historically been mutually exclusive. 877 more words


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Learning with ‘e’s: Constructionism 3.0

Steve Wheeler quotes Vijay Kumar that learning innovations should be
(1) open, and
(2) digital (e.g. visualisation and animation) 43 more words

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Collaborative workshops from the beach

Or distributed workshops from different locations…

During my career I had to facilitate a lot of Agile retrospectives and other collaborative workshops with people sitting in different offices, countries, continents,… and as such had a huge interest in the first Belgian conference on “remote working”. 763 more words

A For Awareness

vSphere distributed switch

In this segment we can learn about the features of vSphere distributed switch
Layers of networking, VLAN segmentation, tagging, NIC teaming, traffic shaping, port blocking, Private VLANS, load base, Network vMotions, Datacenter-level management, vNetwork switch APIs, per-port policy settings, port state monitoring etc., Hope you like this video. 13 more words


Debt of evolving RPC mechanisms

Idea of pushing some data(state or worst object itself) across wire with interop across languages has been one concept which has seen umpteen births. I hope we do not have to invent, adopt any new RPC for sometime. 552 more words


Desire and disconnection: White Night Melbourne 2015

What’s the most prominent element of a mass public event? The people. Curious people, wandering people, queueing people, people in large number, people patiently or impatiently negotiating crowds, people sitting picnic-style in the middle of Swanston St because they can. 1,178 more words