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We lost a genius with Nash, but not his equilibrium

One of the fathers of game theory, died together with his wife in a car accident last weekend. John Forbes Nash, aged 86, had just came back from Oslo where he collected the prestigious… 269 more words


Unseen Perk

Tonight I found another unseen perk of distributed work. Jen is no longer afraid to cut my hair, because really who will see me anyway.

YAY free haircut!

Random Thoughts

Coinffeine and its first days out there

As you know the Coinffeine’s Technical Preview has been ready for download from our website a few days now. As we explained on the download page, the opinion of the community is very important to us. 407 more words


Introducing trashcan for Gluster File System v3.7

“GlusterFS is a unified, poly-protocol, scale-out filesystem serving many petabytes of data”

This is the one-liner from http://gluster.org for describing the file system in short. GlusterFS community has made a tremendous progress in the world of distributed file systems. 736 more words

File System

vRA 6.2 Distributed IaaS deployment

I needed to deploy a distributed vRA 6.2 IaaS in the lab and didn’t find too many resources on the web so here are some of my notes! 865 more words

Installing FlexiCapture Disty

Windows server 2012. SQL EXpress 2012.

Database is created and then get an error.

Fixed it by adding a external storage path on that page. However, ABBYY Man says … 195 more words