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A Covert Reformation?

With thanks to J H Newman… a new tract for now?


I am just a fellow priest like you, so I am not going to broadcast my name, in case my person distracts from the subject matter itself. 1,648 more words



Purple hair
an illustration of
how naughty
a Sagittarius
she is.
Always horny
like me…
I’m drawn in
like a moth to a flame. 90 more words


The joy learning and consuming information.  The pain of indigestion, focus and distraction....

Week 2 / Post 6


Sometimes I find it difficult to focus. When studying I find myself distracted from the main topic. I see something shiny and interesting and i trail off following that topic for an hour or two… A day or two… A week or so… Erm, what was the main topic again?! 650 more words


We all find distractions in things so that we can be busy or stop thinking about the things that we are over thinking. I don’t know about you guys but I find distractions in every thing which amuses me mainly because I have a very big obsession and you can call it as an addiction towards my crush. 215 more words

“Internet”: Culture of Distraction!

We are now living in a digital world with a huge development of modern technologies and the fast growth of the Internet. Well, we cannot deny the benefit that the Internet brings to us, it’s even better than before with the support of modern technologies such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, touch-devices and so on. 769 more words


I Was Struck by a Text While Driving

Don’t stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.

I received a painful text while driving.  I didn’t grasp the tone or read the message.  87 more words

Concerns And Alerts

What’s Party Got To Do With It?

The smudge on Hillary Clinton may end up becoming a stain of major proportions, one which may be extremely difficult to remove, even for someone named… 465 more words