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Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus, You haven’t heard from me in quite some time
I mean sure I go to Church and You occasionally pop into my mind… 123 more words



I try to pretend that you’re not there
I wish I could say that I don’t care
But I’m trying to fall asleep and still can smell your hair… 82 more words


What's The Point?

Up late again studying and for what?
Sure, I might graduate and get the job I want
But then I get old and die
Then what’s the point? 149 more words


I Walk Alone

Somehow it’s it always me alone, walking
With all these voices my head I’m talking
Wondering who I am and if I’m okay
Because when I talk no one gets what I’m tryna say… 105 more words


The Rules

Sit down and raise your hand
No. You are not allowed to stand
Not until the class ends
No, rules aren’t something we can bend… 250 more words


Art is Living

Art takes on a life of its own
Speaking to everyone who comes in its zone
Whether it is a picture frozen in time
Or a poem built up line by line… 103 more words



We are all humans, trying to survive
So, logically, we take each other’s lives
Wars around the world, fighting over the dollar
Or the differences in appearances “I can shoot him, I’m taller… 156 more words

Distracted From My Tasks...