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Glitter and Sunlight

Silver and
glitter and
sunlight shooting through clouds,
this is me when you call,
when you speak
through suspended maybes
and fractured glyphs
proclaiming my heart inside yours… 54 more words


Long distance, in all its glory.

It’s been so long, since I posted anything. The past month has kept me so busy, that there was hardly any time!

But again, who am I kidding, It’s all about priorities right? 329 more words


Calculator: Convert Feet to Meters

Here is a web-site that allows the conversion of feet to meters:


A runner cares about altitude.  As altitude increases, the air gets thinner.


Formula: Convert Feet to Meters

d1: distance measured in feet

1 foot = 12 inches

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

1 meter = 100 centimeters

d2: distance measured in meters = d1 * 12 * 2.54 / 100… 33 more words


Late Lunar New Year and some thoughts on Mars

(by Cu)

ʻChè lam* cake. Would you like some?ʼ
ʻMaybe later. Otherwises we’d have to open a new package.ʼ
ʻIt’s ok, let’s eat. It’s Lunar New Year anyway.ʼ 1,119 more words

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untitled archive I - jan 5 2014

i wish you didn’t have to miss me until i was gone
that you could kiss me with all the forevers you don’t know you have… 76 more words



I met Maria the day after getting a job in Hollywood at a big party, some Literary Giant’s birthday or other, I can’t remember. I was presenting a tribute that night, the host trusted me to not get as drunk as the rest of his guests, apparently. 393 more words