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Staleness in relationship.

Cold blood in actions, twentytwo*seven.

Relief in distance (two).


Every Summer has a Story...

Summer 1

She was leaving.But just for a few days.They were hanging out friends.He cried.She looked at him with heart full of love.She thought to herself if they could take 7 years of separation. 970 more words


How Do I Prepare for a 5k?

One of my roommates came up to me and asked me a weird question. How is it that you train to run a 5k race? He signed up for a race with his job and hasn’t run since he was back in high school. 866 more words


My Safe Spot

“I don’t just kiss anyone like that” – you said; as we shared our final and last kiss.

We met 3 weeks before i was due to fly off. 246 more words

On My Way

Wheels humming
against hot asphalt

and I’m coming.

Frantic landscapes
speed by
through blurry windows

and I’m coming.

Quick transfers,
rushed exchanges,
bags banging
against my legs… 52 more words


NaPowriMo Eighteen

Today’s prompt was a matter of urgency, which is at odds with my current feelings of slothfulness…

The train bludgeons on,
Its rhythmical pounding a… 30 more words

Saw You There, by Ander Monson

Carrie says I should make my connections into a poem.” —Dennis Etzel Jr.

Sawed you there, through you there, girl whom I name… 140 more words