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when the time is right
when the time comes
maybe one day we’ll be right
right for each other
right for the right love
one day… 107 more words


Once – walking down

Dark alleys,       

Fingers entwined,


Confronting ghosts,

Along the wilderness;


Now- All he remembers

Is her clinging on,

Finger nails

Mauling into his skin, 22 more words


Weekend of Races

Although Laura and I are miles apart and even have an ocean in the between us, we managed to sign up for races for the same weekend without even knowing it.  250 more words



Thank goodness it’s bedtime. Or should I say, time to go to bed.  No guarantee of sleep (again) just me and my thoughts to keep me company, but I’m used to that. 619 more words

The Middle

The (Morning) After...

It’s now 24 hours since I first walked into my new apartment. I have my keys, my gate-fob-thingie, and some unexpected bonuses to the new apartment. 136 more words

On a Coffee Date

It’s been a month since I’ve posted anything on this little space of mine, and even longer since I’ve been the author. Lately, I’ve been feeling the sting of having moved away from a town I have outgrown to a new (and sometimes scary) city 2,600 miles away. 842 more words


Dear Player: Death Driving Games

Heard of the ‘death drive’? Well this time it’s literal. Nought to self-destruction in 60 seconds.  A recent sub-genre has caught my eye – a species of racing/runner which blends an ironic horror with a species of racing. 1,826 more words

Critical Play