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True Stories

“Corporatization has changed what journalism is about in a very basic way. Journalism is about communication. It is about information. It is about connecting to your society. 2,325 more words


Concerning Authority

We do not often reflect extensively on the nature of authority in the modern world; at least, we do not entertain public discourse about it. We cede authority to people all the time, however, and with alarming frequency in consumer environments or business settings. 4,450 more words


Take Action Against Soaring Homelessness: Support The March For The Homeless On April 15th

Support the March for the Homeless.  April 15 2015, Whitehall SW1, 6pm.

On last Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show Iain Duncan Smith said that homelessness had not risen since he implemented savage Housing Benefit cuts like the Bedroom Tax and Benefit Cap.  317 more words

Fighting Back

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This is for any of you who can get into London on April 15th...

How Abraham Lincoln helped me understand Confederates from Iowa

Six years ago, I stumbled on to a little-known chapter of Iowa history: residents who left Iowa and served the Confederacy.  The men were sometimes mentioned as a historical footnote (if at all).  541 more words

Civil War

Let's Talk About the Five.

Obviously, I wasn’t one of the thousands watching General Conference last weekend. My idea of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus was taking advantage of the fact that everyone in Utah was at church and spending the day at an amusement park. 358 more words


The Fabulous (and Sometimes Dead-End) Opportunity of Being an Assistant

Nearly every exclusive field runs on assistants. The actor James Franco, like Buddha before him, had an assistant keep track of his meals and school assignments. 216 more words