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I HATE Organizing Stuff


I have a massive backlog of info and images I’m uploading right now into a massive unorganized dropbox file and..I’m honestly overwhelmed. 196 more words

No where to be found.

So, I was literally standing outside my door today, already late to a work meeting, when I realized that I had no keys to lock the front door. 235 more words

This is How I Know I'm Failing at Adulthood

Am I the only one who has that single spot in their home that is just a constant, infuriating reminder of how epically they are failing as an adult? 724 more words

Random Stuff

A Couple Fights On The Train

On the train on the way back from Chicago this morning a young straight couple who got on in Michigan City, Indiana, were having an argument. 884 more words


I'm Always Getting My Heart Broken And Leaving Town

I didn’t have to work today so I got on the train and traded South Bend for Chicago, where I went college less than seven years ago, although it seems like about a century longer than that. 519 more words


The Cost of Disorganization At Work

It’s so easy to say “I’ll get organized when I have the time.”When you’re at the end of the day and all you want to do is leave, it’s all too easy to forget about closing the loop on work and physically tidying up your space. 384 more words


A part of me

As one can see this blog is still in development, I am trying to figure out the direction I want to take it. In this moment it is an outlet and a creative instrument. 430 more words

Self Discovery