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Tackle the Overwhelm.

I was truly hoping that vacation this week would give me some time to form a plan of attack for getting my life under control. All aspects of my life need a renovation to improve my overall mental and physical health. 154 more words


Disorganized And Unable To Concentrate

I really could use some tips on how to get myself more organized and improve my concentration. I am so disorganized that I can t seem to get anything done. 82 more words

248 Days Later

Here I sit, eight months after my original post.  248 days.  40 days past 208.  Here I sit.  Fatter than ever.  Yes, 40 days ago, I was supposed to weigh 175 lbs.   959 more words


In case any of you are wondering, yes, the images with each post are taken by me. They’re a bit of a random selection because my photo folders are so disorganized but hey…


Handy Info

Found It

It never fails that when you think of that one perfect earring to complement the outfit at hand, you cannot find it. I know, I know, if I would organize my jewelry and put my things away when I was done with them, I would not have these problems.  207 more words


Figure it Out Friday

I’m working to make sense of the smorgasbord of posts on this little jewel of a blog, and thought I’d come up with a few categories to make some sense of it all and to help me develop a series of posts. 215 more words

Good Morning, Starshine. The Earth says Hello!

If you came here looking for any form of coherency… you are in the wrong place.

Being a tired, scattered, and slightly disheveled mother of a 4 year old and 9 month old… I am lucky to be finishing sentences. 355 more words