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Violet (the invisible girl)

If you’ve seen the Incredibles, you’ll know who I am talking about. If you’ve seen the Fantastic 4 and are thinking Jessica Alba — well wrong chick. 362 more words


Discussing Dog Digestive Disorders | Nzymes

Digestive disorders in dogs are a common problem & often the root cause of many other issues that dogs encounter. Healthy digestion is critical for a dog to be able to use the nutrients in his food for energy and for maintaining and repairing healthy tissues in his body.

Book Review: Great Myths of the Brain

The book I will be reviewing isĀ Great Myths of the BrainĀ by Christian Jarrett. Here is a link to this book on Amazon. This book explores the many common myths about the human brain. 259 more words

Beautiful Snapshots of Mental Illness

Physical health and mental health have never been regarded equally. The mentally ill are often viewed as crazy or frightening. Although a person with cancer would never be told to “just try harder,” illnesses such as depression are often judged as something a person has control over. 230 more words


I have always found it hard to trust people. My personality is careful and calculated. I’m very observant and as much as it pains me to say, I’m pretty judgmental. 312 more words


Change and Me

Did you guys notice how WordPress changed itself? It bothered me at first and took me some time to adjust to that change, Moving the Tags and Categories section to the left hand, why? 442 more words