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Get Best Tips on How to Treat Sleep Disorders from Plenty Well

If lack of sleep or too much of sleep is causing major problems in your life by reducing your ability to handle day to day tasks, then visit the Plenty Well to know… 8 more words


Rehab for teen eating disorders are fairly common, here some the signs

In bulimia, the sufferer may appear to have some swelling in the face or jaw area. You may also notice calluses on their knuckles from self-induced vomiting. 124 more words

Writing Wishlist

Sometime you have so many idea fledglings and you just want to write them ALL before they scurry but you want to focus on your WIP? 659 more words


Our First Edition Limited Edition Shoe

Our first shoe for the brand has just launched. This shoe will lead to many more to come in support of different areas for rare diseases and disorders. 56 more words


Self-Harm: Why was her daughter Cutting?

This is such a compelling article I discovered in the (The Telegraph), written by Anne Stone, who discovered her daughter at the age of 15 was cutting herself. 163 more words


Dealing With Hair Loss

I have previously mentioned in a blog that I now have a bald spot due to losing my hair. Now, it has recently grown from a spot to the entire top of my head. 614 more words


Fact of the Day:

49% of the general population suffers from an anxiety disorder, depression, or substance abuse.