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The Art of Big Hero 6: San Fransokyo

Scott Watanabe

Lorelay Bove

Paul Felix

Jeff Turley

Lorelay Bove

Tadahiro Uesugi



Lego droids to retell the 'Star Wars' saga in Disney xd series

Disney xD plan to debut a five-episode series retelling the ‘Star Wars’ saga from the droids’ point of view, before the release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ 218 more words

Ewww. Yeah, just Ewww.

What the heck are you talking about Black Dog? you may be asking yourself.  Well, lemme tell ya.

The hubs and I spend ENTIRELY too much time watching TV.   431 more words


The Happiest Chips on Earth

Today, I’m in Disneyland!!! So, I decided to hit you up with a lesser know Disneyland factoid. All about Doritos! 198 more words


Cinderella: utterly enchanting


Taking an animated classic, over 60 years old, and transforming it into a modern, live-action Hollywood romance was always going to be a risky business. 310 more words


A Mysterious Package Is On Its Way...

I say mysterious, yet I’m aware of exactly what it is: it’s Visa Time!

We recently received an email to tell us they’ll be ready a little earlier than normal this time around- a small understatement, as last time I had to get a Visa I didn’t start the process until April- and as I type, my Visa documents are no doubt winging their way over to my house. 311 more words