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LEGO: First Person Shooter

Dragon shouts! So that’s what the Lego Movie was missing.

Visual Effects

Hello, Corvo.

WIP fan art of the Outsider from Dishonored.

Brazilian Classification Board reveal Dishonored: Definitive Edition

Today, the Brazilian Classification Board accidentally(?) revealed that Dishonored: Definitive Edition has been submitted to them. A-whoops. 68 more words


Progression without XP

In general games these days tend to rely on experience points and levelling up to give a sense of progression. So by killing enemies or by completing quests/objectives you gain xp which levels you up when you get a certain amount which earns you a new sword or spell or whatever. 416 more words

The Many Worlds of Games: "Dishonored," "Europa Universalis," "The Stanley Parable," and Quantum Physics

This spring, I had the occasion to work with colleagues James Hillenbrand and Louisa McIntyre on an examination of the intersection between video game storytelling and quantum mechanics.   1,906 more words

Dishonored Replay

I was getting annoyed with waiting for the Dragon Age DLC on PS4 (May?!) so I spooled up my old PS3 and popped in Dishonored. 125 more words