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Dishonored and the Element of Choice

One of the reason I consider the video for “Like a Rolling Stone a successful example of interactive videos is its ability to draw the audience back after one or two visits. 1,653 more words

The Pop Culture World

Books to read after playing Dishonored

I love Dishonored. I have played that game at least three times and haven’t grown tired of it! I thought it would be cool to find books that have similar themes. 158 more words


My favourite videogames from the past 10 years

Decided to have a think about this yesterday. It’s a tough question, but I think I can name a few that have had a lasting impact on me. 656 more words

Critical Analysis And Reviews

On Revenge and The 50 Days I’ll Be Counting

“Whatever doom was coming, I deserved it, but not yet.”

First of all, I’d like you to give the happy news to you. I’ll be leaving here at last. 1,576 more words


Bethesda E3 Conference – HYPE!

This year’s E3 has an interesting source of hype surrounding it. Industry giants Bethesda are having their very first independent conference. Most people may recognise Bethesda as the guys behind the very successful Elder Scrolls series as well as the Doom reboot and the two most recent Fallout games. 454 more words


Only through Corvo's Eyes: Why video games can only be told through one perspective.

I promised you brand new content on “Dishonored,” and will not disappoint.  This is the first of TWO new features drawing on the game, as well as on its DLC.   3,308 more words


April 2015 IGC

It’s that time of the month again, and this time the information is nice and early, unlike last month where the official post didn’t come out until the day of the releases. 655 more words