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Give me a death

I am contemplating a death of a character and what I was thinking was chronic anemia as the medicine for it can cause coma or death if there is a slight overdose, 40 more words


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My own suggestion would be West Nile strains of encephalitis or meningitis; infection can happen without the victim being aware, the initial symptoms may often be ignored as "just not feeling well" or "having a touch of a bug," and once it really hits, it's often fatal and fairly quick. Anyone else got any ideas? (Comments disabled here; please visit the original blog to help play doctor!)

The Combination by Blair Gaulton

The Combination
Had a bad headache;
went out for a walk.
Did not pay attention,
got lost.
Blood sugar dived; 
hauled out some food;
devoured it, … 25 more words


Wheat disease update - 23 April 2015

Wheat disease updates are written by Dr. Bob Hunger, OSU Extension Plant Pathologist

Oklahoma:  Again, a cool and moist week in Oklahoma with rain and cool temperatures in the forecast through the weekend.  483 more words


Review: Still Alice

Never forget, never give up

Rating: Great, 8 of 10

It’s always a difficult task when to talk about diseases, sickness and maybe even write a book, a script or make a movie about it. 1,171 more words


The Bog of Pain

It is my constant companion
Trudging through it’s merky bog
No pill nor device can free me off it
Do I fight, smile and continue on… 23 more words

Find A Spot

I am not a very smart person. I don’t have degrees and initials after my name and I have never had to write a dissertation on a topic that I have no interest in. 1,234 more words

The Disease

Immortality (4/5)

Infinite Way Letter
April 1955 By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5
The Price of Truth – continued
Based on the Master’s revelation that God is your individual mind, you can understand that there is no limit to your intelligence or your power. 649 more words