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Ticked in Maine

An issue of increasing importance to Maine’s outdoorsy residents is ticks. Maine is home to several species of ticks; two of these, dog and deer ticks, will feed on humans fairly commonly and are often picked up during outdoor activities. 437 more words


Diagnosed With Potential Congenital Heart Disease. Just Like Dad Was At The Same Age.

This morning at five am I was rushed to the ER in severe pain having a potential heart attack, being the bolshy bastard I am I self discharged at 9 am. 87 more words

Food Matters (Part 1)

Everybody consumes food. It is how we survive.

But are we still eating to survive or now overindulging?

Click here for a great Youtube video… 52 more words


Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health?

This post by  Amy Gorin originally appeared in Sonima on May 28, 2015.

Americans drink a lot of coffee: More than 60 percent sip a mug or more daily. 980 more words


Disease Management With Short Supply Of Chlorothalonil

What do we do with peanuts and the short supply of Bravo/chlorothalonil? Here are some good options from UGA Extension Pathologist Dr. Bob Kemerait:

  1.  Replace 1.5 pt/A chlorothalonil with 15 fl oz/A Elast.
  2. 118 more words

This is what keeps Bill Gates up at night

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He essentially invented personal computing and co-founded a major multinational corporation. But what really keeps him up at night has nothing to do with technology–it’s about humanity. 231 more words


கருத்தரிக்காமல் குறித்த நாளில் மாதவிடாய் வராமல், வருந்தும் பெண்களுக்கு . . .

கருத்தரிக்காமல் குறித்த நாளில் மாதவிடாய் வராமல்,  வருந்தும் பெண்களுக்கு . . .

கருத்தரிக்காமல் குறித்த நாளில் மாதவிடாய் வராமல்,  வருந்தும் பெண்களுக்கு . . .

பெருங்காயம், நம் வீட்டில் அன்றாடம் சமையல் செய்யும்போது உண வோடு சிறிது பெருங்காயத்தை சேர்ப்ப‍ர். இது சுவைக்காக

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