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America's short-lived Ebola panic: a disease hysteria retrospective

Though the Ebola outbreak officially started in December 2013 in Meliandou, Guinea, fear and concern in the “not-Africa” part of the world were at barely detectable levels throughout most of 2014. 940 more words


Why this website

Over the last 7 years that I have been healing people, they have sought me out and been hungry for information on proven, clinical data ratified by doctors and the medical profession in some part of the world, on how we can get better with lifestyle, food, and exercise changes. 348 more words


From Death Comes Life (And Other Justifications)

Let’s begin by assuming two things, (1) that you can influence massive amounts of capital flow (and have friends in many industries who can do the same) and, (2) that you genuinely think there are far too many people on Earth. 1,093 more words


Some days I'm just not as cool as I would like to be...a patient's guide.

I’ve been poked, prodded, xrayed, cat scanned, operated on, radiated, examined and infused. I am guinea pig. I am a patient.

Once a month I spend a couple hours sitting in a foam green reclining chair having an immunosuppressant shot through my veins. 538 more words

Periodontal Disease: My Second Step Towards Better Dental Health

Today started out great, but I woke up with the knowledge that I was going to the dentist for my initial deep cleaning and fillings for three of my cavities. 499 more words


Words From My Father That I Wrote Entirely

by Stephen Paden

In the basement, there is nothing but empty shelves
and broken mason jars;
a glittery sea of shards reflecting,
emanating diminished light… 128 more words