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WATCH | "Body Ecology" with Dr. Aviva Romm at Wanderlust's Speakeasy · Wanderlust

This talk resonated so much with me.  Dr. Romm is/was a midwife, herbalist and physician.  She specializes in women’s health.  In this speech, Dr. Romm shares a lot of wise, helpful insight about balance, listening to our bodies, holistic health and general health information and body intelligence. 39 more words

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Tuesday Feature episode 5: Roberta Oliviera

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to researchers in the Tuesday Feature so far. It’s been fascinating. But, so far there’s been little mention of those people in the background who make the research possible. 667 more words

The University Of Manchester

Detox Journal Day 4 (December 7th 2012)

12/7/2012 (Day 4)

I think I slept through the night.  At ten of six, the nurse took my bp 93/58.  Back down a little.  I asked for new towels b/c mine were missing.   505 more words

Bill Gates says Ebola Was a “Wake-Up Call”; Tells World to Get Ready for the Next Great Epidemic

In an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Bill Gates laid out a frightening scenario regarding future epidemics: “We must prepare for future epidemics of diseases that may spread more effectively than Ebola.” Gates, a businessman and philanthropist, challenged the world to learn from what happened with Ebola. 140 more words


30 New Fly Species Discovered in Los Angeles

Scientists have found 30 never-before-seen species of flies buzzing about in the city of Los Angeles. The discovery suggests that we know less about the diversity of our winged neighbors than was previously thought. 97 more words


The Worst Disease You Never Heard Of

I am using this opportunity to share the story of one Loving Jamaican mother whose son is afflicted with a very rare and devastating disease. 616 more words




As I’m sure you’ll have found by the end of these paragraphs, I’m a bit scattered, so this first blog post is probably going to be all over the place. 730 more words