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A Pet Peeve with the WordPress Reader - OR - How many clicks does it take to get to the center of your blog post?

When I first started my blog, I didn’t really do any research about hosts. Basically I knew about WordPress and one other site and the other site wanted me to give them more personal information than I was willing to do. 255 more words

Confessions of a Book Blogger: Why I haven't finished a single book yet this year.

Ok… this blog was originally intended to be a book blog- a place where I could review and talk about books.

As of late, my intentions for this blog has taken a bit of a turn, a veer in a related (but different) direction. 253 more words

Other Awesome Bookish-ness

From Another Perspective: Five Novels and One Play about Supporting Characters in Our Favorite Stories

Earlier this week Beth asked what if our favorite stories were told to us from another perspective. Whose perspective and what stories would we like to hear again? 640 more words


My writing process- Brainstorming

Lately I’ve had writing on the brain. So much so that I’ve yet to finish reading a book so far this year.

*hangs head in shame* 391 more words


The First Twenty Pages

Recently one of my friends checked out a book from the library. She meant to pick up the popular classic, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury but accidentally snagged his other novel, … 1,022 more words


What if?

Buzzfeed reimaged Harry Potter as if Hermoine Granger was the main character.  And it was awesome! It got me thinking.  If you could change the main character of any story, who would it be and why?  86 more words


How Many Books Do you Read At A Time?

One thing I’m always curious about is other people’s reading habits. How many books do readers read per year, do they read digital or physical copies, how do the books they read vary? 178 more words