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Fitness first luxury gym not for 'lowly clerks'

From ‘Gym chain Fitness First should respect the dignity of labour’, 23 May 2015, Voices, Today

(Preethi Athavle): In reference to the report “Fitness First to launch one-of-a-kind gym for captains of industry” (May 21), I take objection to Fitness First saying that chief executives “do not want to be down there … …

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Homophobia thrives in silence.

Content warnings: Violence, Homophobia.

As you may know, we’re a week after IDAHOBIT.
As you may also know, I grew up on the North West Coast of Tasmania. 1,392 more words


Familie oder Beruf? My Discriminating German Exercise

Familie oder Beruf?  This is a chapter in my German exercise.

The chapter goes on with describing how Nicole, a single mother, balances work and her child.   86 more words


What the hell am I doing.

What am I doing to myself, I sit here and lie saying I’m alright..
What the hell I’m crying night after night just to make the days go by faster. 132 more words

Class Notes: A Story of Bias in 2003 and Today

I told you I’ve been covering class bias in higher education for a long time. I was going through some old files when I found this unpublished piece on from 2003. 3,530 more words


Age Discrimination

In other cultures, being older is revered. People respect you. In America, if you’re not young, your value decreases.

I have never understood this. The more knowledge you have, the less you are valued? 130 more words

We are One and Same

Sometime when I was going through my twitter timeline, I came across something that caught my attention. It was something relating to job listing or application. 423 more words