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FACT and Spt6 play important role in location of H2A.Z histone

Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal says that a critical role for two proteins in chromatin structure has been uncovered by researchers. Their breakthrough helps explain how DNA is organized in our cells. 192 more words


Ch. 12 There and back again??

It’s been 2 months, 8 days, 17 hours and 53 minutes of sober life. Have I discovered what I wanted to see or am I still just at the beginning phases of it all? 1,560 more words


Fear of Automation


Researchers looked at the effect of automation on occupations throughout time, and the potential of computers and automation in the future, and by looking at some key factors, they compiled a list of 702 occupations and the chances of that occupation being automated. 1,190 more words


Civ Pro 101: "No Trial By Ambush"

It’s 10:00pm the night before my first binding ADR. I am extremely nervous and anxious, but everything is coming together. My major points are outlined in detail, and with a little luck a defense verdict is attenable. 632 more words


In the World of Procuring Records for Discovery, Experience Counts Most

Our clients often ask us about other aspects of discovery beyond depositions, such as the best way to obtain records for legal matters. According to Renee Martinez, vice president of operations at… 516 more words

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