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The Age of Explanation: Syriac References to America in 708 A.D.

“There’s an old saying about those who forget history. I don’t remember it, but its good” – Stephen Colbert

These days we feel compelled to emphasize two generally accepted facts: (1) Columbus was not the first non-Native American to set foot in the Americas, and (2) Columbus was a jerk.  1,166 more words


Wooly Rhino Found! Barbers Clip Up!


I’ve come to bless you with more knowledge of yesteryear. Apparently, Pleistocene mammoths weren’t the only creatures in need of a shape-up.

Some Russian hunters found a 10,000 year old… 88 more words


Hello world!

my first post. so i am just going to share what i made this blog for. To share and discover music. I’ve played around with a blog a lil, but this blog i’m really hoping to develop. 97 more words

World War II Wreck of Japanese Battleship Musashi Found

Paul Allen, associated with the co-founding of Microsoft, has reportedly located the wreck of the Battleship Musashi which sunk in 1944.

The Musashi was a 263 meter-long Yamato-class battleship which displaced 72,800 metric tons at full load.

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Daily Mail

Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea released on February 6, 2015, published by Failbetter Games development.

Awesome entertainment discovery game with lot of giant crabs and swarms of bats is going to get you, you gonna die frequently but your life is going. 47 more words

Combat Ships


I love live sporting events! And while the Garmisch downhill (Kandahar Abfahrt) is definitely not as exciting as the Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm… any day that you can be out in the mountains and drink Gluhwein is an alright day in my book! 96 more words


A Magical Childhood

A few years ago I heard an actress describe her childhood as “magical” and something clicked in me.  I had been searching for that word, a word, to describe my desire for my children.   1,007 more words