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Something Is Not So Fresh At The Supermarket

I first notice her between the bananas and the piles of crisp Fuji apples. I catch a glimpse of her long, straight auburn hair and wonder if it’s her, but I need three English cucumbers, and I’m distracted by the bright green mint and beautiful flat-leaf parsley. 719 more words

Discovering Me

My Boobs Have Grown And I'm Too Old For This

I pulled my sweater off with my back to the mirror. My sunglasses slid off the top of my head and I threw them on the pile I’d amassed in the corner: jacket, messy handbag, cell phone. 567 more words

Discovering Me

The Matter Of Words

The street was cobbled. Perhaps it was raining. It’s not always wet, but it is usually cold in London in early January. It was barely afternoon and it might have been dark already. 776 more words

Discovering Me

Squeeze Those...

The room is dark and hazy. Pedals whir. Bright eyeballs and shiny teeth glow in the eerie blue light. I smile and say hello to everyone even though I recognize no one. 696 more words

Discovering Me

The Anxiety Showreel

Trying to explain my anxiety is like asking a 4 year old to sketch the entire plot of a Quentin Tarantino movie in purple crayons. It might make total sense to the 4 year old, but the result to the outside world would be an A3 sheet of paper with incoherent purple scribbles leaving many wondering if the child has a learning disability. 1,081 more words

Discovering Me

The Ugly Truth About Night Time! 🙈🌚⭐️

The worst thing about night time, is you’re left alone with all your own thoughts and no one to share them with! I can’t be the only one who hates this, I know I’m not! 170 more words

Finding "me" in Kink.

When I first heard of Fifty Shades of Grey I was sitting in my bed, it was a little past 12 midnight and Wendy Williams was spilling the gossip. 900 more words