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Galician pleasures

Hello, July!

This uplifting anthem comes to my mind. July also tells me exactly that I have 1 month left (this is the new; I am coming back home!). 218 more words

Santiago De Compostela



The words I avoid saying stick in my chest.
I say other things.
I hope they will obliviate the words I need to say.
Instead the other things push the necessary words
only to the side. 186 more words

Top 5 Weirdest American Laws Pt2

These are the Top 5 weirdest laws in Alaska! Last week we did the weirdest laws in Alabama – click here to see it!

5. It is considered an offense to look at moose whilst in an airplane… 96 more words

Top 5

Quantum Tunneling

The whole wave-particle duality theory blew my mind when I first heard about it, and to this day it still amazes me.  Recently I stumbled upon Quantum Tunneling and realized just how crazy it sounds.   94 more words


Genetic Geneology and Fantastic Finds

A determining factor in delving back into genealogy was the advent of reasonably priced DNA testing.  I tossed it around in my head for a couple of years…. 810 more words


Discovery: Greg Laswell

I’m pretty sure I discovered this guy from an episode of Criminal Minds or something. Wait, no… no, I discovered this guy while visiting my nursing friend who was watching an episode of what I am now 99.9% sure was actually Grey’s Anatomy. 202 more words


BBQ fun: Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec and blends from $10 to $19

Retailers, merchants, supermarkets in some states and big box stores can be good browsing territories when looking for good values for summer barbecue fun. You can find cheaper wines, of course, but you can’t always distinguish the varietal in the aroma or flavor; most have a soft, flabby sameness. 419 more words