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New Publication: Schulze, M. 2015. Patterns of Surveillance Legitimization: The German Discourse on the NSA Scandal. Surveillance & Society 13(2): 197-217

This paper conceptualizes scandals as a special type of discourse in which the legitimacy of surveillance institutions and practices comes into question. Scandals force surveillance advocates to engage in legitimacy management practices (Suchmann 1995) and adopt legitimization strategies that can be observed. 151 more words



The more I try to study the Bible, the more confused I am.

Proverbs 9: 7-8 says

Whoever corrects a mocker invites insult;

whoever rebukes a wicked man incurs abuse. 333 more words

Faith And Philosophy

Broken sleep open mind

I haven’t had a lot of sleep the last few nights and it’s having a curious effect on my body and awareness. My senses seem dulled and strangely sensitive and I’m not sure why I am finding my piles of washing amusing. 249 more words


On the Limitations of the Spiral Model: Large, Powerful States

When Risse/Ropp/Sikkink developed the original Spiral Model of human rights change in 1999, they envisioned a more or less uni-directional socialization process towards rule-consistent behavior, in other words sustained compliance with a norm (Risse et al., 1999). 618 more words

Kent Campus Deconstructs Politics with PaRDi

By John Woolley

The room is long and dark. Chairs line the length of the walls on two sides. In the center of the room rests a professional-looking table with black executive-style chairs. 594 more words


Remaining Civil in Times of Disagreement

In a post by William K. Wolfrum  on Dagblog, he posted  a YouTube video of Dan Savage and his husband Terry talking to LGBT youth about how things do get better and not to panic. 2,528 more words



Nowadays, anyone putting forward a value judgement, that is anything rather than a rock-solid scientific fact, is likely to come across the following complaint pretty soon after: ‘who are you to say that?’. 639 more words