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Intersectionality is Not a Trend

One might hope that the widespread introduction of a concept that is meant to put your experiences and those of others like you at the centre of conversations about social justice and equality might have the positive side effect of actually including you in the conversation. 630 more words


Exploring gender roles in Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia


‘Do you know the problem with a disguise Mr Holmes? No matter how hard you try it’s always a self-portrait’. This prophetic statement declared by Irene Adler (‘The Woman’) encapsulates the paradox of identity and is useful as an analogy for the position of the female in society and possibly how rejecting feminist stereotypes may elicit a cultural deviance whereby the challenging discourses are conventionally reversed and morality rationalises such identity back to its biological state (Bryant, 2011:54). 3,522 more words



Evolution equals efficiency. Efficiency and movement means life. Stagnate and die.

I’m disheartened by the wannabes, the ones who go out into the “mountains” with the end goal of an Instagram picture that will gather 100 likes. 420 more words


PINKS+FEMME: Call For Posts

Here at Pinks+Femme, we encourage the crossover between academia and casual conversation. We are expanding our discussion, and we would like you to join us. Moving from a rhetorical analysis of pretty much… 315 more words


Who's Afraid of Lady Gaga? (A Rant)

I’m not trying to be an apologist for Taylor Swift, but the next person who informs me that she has no talent might get conked with my copy of Twilight. 251 more words


An Open Internet [Queries]

How do we maintain an open Internet? Is this possible? Moreover, are we doomed to the corporate monopolization of the Internet? What will a truly open Internet cost? 96 more words


How to embrace the unknown and challenge the known

I picked up my car this morning. The garage fixed it for two-thirds their estimate. Great. I came in my son’s car which had a misfire. 2,365 more words