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Discomfort: a personal story with no moral

There is a graphic meme somewhere on Google Images with a circle representing “your comfort zone”, and outside of it a dot representing “where things happen”. 1,227 more words

Against Inspiration

5 things that happen to you when living in London

Just like all those cheesy articles on the world wide web, I’ve decided to share some of the thoughts I have (so far) on living in this surreal city called London.  453 more words

What Am I Doing?

5 Reasons I Stopped Collecting Movies

“So let go of that DVD collection, and stop watching the same things over and over. Instead, live your life.”

When I decided to gut my 150+ movie collection, I discovered an article that gave it to me straight. 683 more words

Embrace your discomfort zone: bubbling in the crucible of growth

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. ~ Sigmund Freud

Scholarly literature and the blogosphere are saturated with thoughts around motivation, growth and what it means to learn, lead and be the best we each can be.

797 more words

Step out to find out

Life’s challenges come in bits and pieces. They lead us to doors. You hear your heart say, “Go through. Just go through.” So you get the guts and go thinking that… 226 more words

Go Big

Better, Stronger, Braver

I remember going deep into the wilderness of Canada’s interior. There’s a time for the everyday mundane but there’s also a time for the edge. There’s a time for pushing yourself to extremes to see what you’ve got, in order to get more of what you don’t. 151 more words

Go Big

My Dinner with Jonathan Franzen

I got the news a couple weeks ago. It started like any other day. I was bored after classes, and there was no way in hell I was going to start my homework— it was naptime. 2,443 more words