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WakingTimes - The Hamster Wheels Of The Matrix - 26 March 2015

It’s amazing how many come so near yet so far. As I’ve said all along, without a full-on conscious awakening, no matter to what degree people are “getting” what’s going on, it’s still propelling the matrix – another hamster wheel of futility fighting this imposed matrix at many levels yet all on the terms of the control system. 12 more words


Lisa Gawlas - The Wonder Of It ALL!!! - 26 March 2015

Well, hello again!  It feels like forever ago I sat down to share.  I have really learned a lot this past week about partnering with the landscape itself and it really does have a will and desire of its own!!   2,018 more words


Jamye Price - Creating From The Human Mind - 26 March 2015

Creating from the Human Mind

There are those that resent the “failings” of the human mind. That it can be distracted, fooled or controlled by another are not failings. 243 more words


Wes Annac - Creativity And Social Acceptance - 26 March 2015

Credit: Blogs.psychcentral.com

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Whether or not we feel like we’re good at something, I think we should pursue it if it inspires us and lights our inner fire. 1,060 more words


ActivistPost - TEXAS: 20 Vaccine Bills That Remove Consent And Incarcerate The Infected - 26 March 2015

By Experimental Vaccines

There are currently more than 100 bills being proposed across the country that would make certain vaccines mandatory and/or remove personal choice, even due to religious beliefs. 109 more words


ActivistPost - Congressional Bill To Get Key Antibiotics Out Of Livestock Feed - 26 March 2015

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

The only microbiologist in the U.S. Congress, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has introduced a bill, The Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) to impede the apparent abuse of animal husbandry using certain medically important antibiotics to fatten cattle for market or in animal feed as normal ‘supplementation’. 12 more words


NaturalNews - L.J. Devon - Family Receives $2 Million In Damages From Vaccine Court; Mainstream Media Ignores Case - 26 March 2015

(NaturalNews) Many Americans don’t even know it exists. The mainstream media almost universally pretends it doesn’t exist. It’s the Federal Vaccine Court (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program), created by Congress in 1988. 799 more words