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Marlene Swetlishoff - Hilarion - 19 April 2015

April 19-26, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Since time immemorial, each of you have visited and revisited your beautiful planet through a succession of incarnations from the world of spirit into human form. 901 more words


Larry Larson - Twelve - Twelve Insight Journal - What Matters Is How Things Feel - 19 April 2015

Your natural world has a much stronger connection with the Source of All, than do your artificial and social constructs. And it’s not that they are disconnected—they are woven into the mix just like everything else: All That Is is all that is. 277 more words


WakingTimes - 8 Mudras For Elevating Conscious Awareness - 19 April 2015

Waking Times

Video – Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient oriental Art of harmonizing life energy within the body. It was brought to the Western world from Japan by Master Jiro Murai. 54 more words


ZeroHedge - More Hillary Cronyism Revealed: Cisco Used Clinton Foundation To Cover-Up Human Rights Abuse In China - 19 April 2015

In her 2014 memoir “Hard Choices,” Clinton reiterated her support for human-rights advocates in China. She specifically criticized the Great Firewall, writing that after she made comments about the right to dissent in China in 2011, “censors went right to work erasing mentions of my message from the Internet.” 87 more words


ActivistPost - The Anthrax Coverup Exposed - 19 April 2015

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

Graeme MacQueen’s 2014 book, The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, has been vindicated by the head of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation. 69 more words


Steve Lendman - Human Rights Group Accuses Israel Of Deliberately Murdering Gazan Children - 19 April 2015

A new Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCIP) report accuses Israel of willfully killing Palestinian children during last summer’s Gaza war.

Around 550 children were murdered in cold blood – two-thirds under age 12. 704 more words


France Invests €100Mn In Battle Against Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia - 19 April 2015

France is allocating €100 million to battle racism, anti-Semitism and Muslim hate in the wake of recent hatred-driven violent attacks in the country, but it will take at least a decade to get rid of racial tensions, Jewish journalist Zvika Klein told RT. 101 more words