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The Embassy of Joy

by Erik at  Irish Calvinist

On occasion we read international news stories that detail how people seeking safety will make a mad dash to an embassy Whether because of political, legal or some other issue, the people have gotten into some trouble with the local officials and they need asylum. 627 more words


by Alan Knox,  The Assembling of the Church:

If faith (trust) is one of the most pervasive terms in Scripture (as I said in my previous post “ 685 more words


To be a missional people means to live according to the reality of the presence of the kingdom of God that is now at hand. This radical call to missional living requires us to practice intentional spiritual disciplines that are consistent with kingdom values and which work for the benefit and transformation of the watching world.

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The Top 10 Defenses Youth Can Give for Their Beliefs

Tony Brickner cringed at the voice. He turned to face Clay Andrews’s ridicule for roughly the billionth time.

“You can’t tell me you really buy that bit about Jesus dying and coming back to life again!” 1,817 more words


God takes action in Christ against sin, death, and the devil

by David Wells

God takes action in Christ against sin, death, and the devil. The doctrine of justification is not about the workings of impersonal law in the universe, or about manipulating its outcomes, but it is about God. 75 more words


Between the hammer and the anvil

from Mark McIntyre

The blacksmith uses heat and force to transform the iron into the desired shape. The iron goes into the fire to be heated and is then moved to the anvil to be hammered into the desire form. 73 more words


Does Old Earth Creationism Compromise Scripture?

from Faithful Thinkers

A couple weeks ago I was browsing a science and theology group on Facebook where someone had asked the question,”I’ve always been told that OEC (old earth creationism) is a compromising position biblically speaking. 247 more words