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BBC - How to survive a disaster

Rather than madness, or an animalistic stampede for the exits, it is often people’s disinclination to panic that puts them at higher risk…

The prevailing psychological explanation for these kinds of behaviours – passivity, mental paralysis or simply carrying on as normal in the face of a crisis – is that they are caused by a failure to adapt to a sudden change in the environment.

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Economics Of Natural Disasters

Kindness of strangers

Kindness of strangers
A powerful antidote
To negative press


Harrison City, the city considered to be the most promising metropolis in the world by the WBA has suffered a natural disaster, leveling it.

“I was shocked,” WBA President Sketch Sun said over a phone interview. 154 more words

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Standing still, and looking back.

I wonder how long is truly takes for a human to get over their first love. Is time really the thing that will heal my wounds? 584 more words


Build a Better Mouse Trap

As any homeowner can attest, there are pro’s and con’s to owning your own home. Paint your walls any color you like, most animals are accepted, and you don’t have to run into people in the hallway, unless you invited them. 878 more words


"Masters of Love" - Emily Esfahani - The Atlantic

A very research-heavy take on why relationships thrive and fail, however, it does not cover individual emotional ineptitude on the part of those in the relationships. 224 more words