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Ahhh, now that was a life!!

My mind is splintered tonight. Every sound around me is a distraction and I feel really irritable. My ears are ringing very loudly, penetrating every fiber of my body. 510 more words


Fuck You

I hate them. So stupid.

Even though she sat there and tried to explain shit to them, they don’t listen.

They think it’s just an excuse. 7 more words

My demons

They lay in wait for me, waiting for the opportune time to whisper those noises into my head. Although some times the volume is a scream! 366 more words


Hey my name is Emil. I’m an alter part.

I’m seventeen years old. Male.

I’m gonna use this blog to say what I want.

I don’t care what you think.


A very bad idea.

This is a very fucking bad idea. The fact that this is so fucking open makes me cringe. The fact people we don’t know are reading this makes me sick. 132 more words


If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar.

I don’t know why I’m here, yet I’m increasingly finding myself out amongst the real world-instead of the cozy one within our head without the slightest notion of the reason why. 320 more words


The Psychology Of Turning Someone.

As you’re aware, I’m very interested in psychology and I’m a dark urban fantasy author, so I quite often ponder the intersection between the two. That led to me considering the potential psychological problems and disorders that could arise when someone is turned. 1,278 more words