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You're a touch overrated, you're a lush and I hate it.

So sorry about Brendan’s total public melt-down screamfest. Totally didn’t see that coming when I told him to check out this blog-not. He always does that. 515 more words



subject to change

1. Constant Self, F, 22yrs

2. Emil, M, 13-17yrs

3. Logic Self

4. Alexander, M, 24yrs,

5. Myself aka Perfect/Healthy Self

6. Me, F, 5-10yrs… 46 more words

Insanity VS Normality

Tue May 12, 2015 6:32 pm

Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane. I can’t breathe I can’t think I cant function. Thoughts race, jumbled and chaotic, nonsense and just…it feels insane. 121 more words


For those who are confused, scared, and unsure…
as I was, as I sometimes still am….

I always have felt so confused.

Wondering why I am so different at times. 650 more words

Nervous nighttime..

While I have anxiety during the day a lot, my night psych meds usually ensure that my sleep is unencumbered with shit. Last night was special. 220 more words


Ahhh, now that was a life!!

My mind is splintered tonight. Every sound around me is a distraction and I feel really irritable. My ears are ringing very loudly, penetrating every fiber of my body. 511 more words


Fuck You

I hate them. So stupid.

Even though she sat there and tried to explain shit to them, they don’t listen.

They think it’s just an excuse. 9 more words