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if all you’re doing is thinking about change, nothing is going to happen. sometimes it’s just you being afraid. fear brings valuable information, but don’t stop there. 6 more words

Following Your Dream

Forefront of their thoughts

There are situations that happen in your life where a person will immediately come to the forefront of your thoughts. They may never think of you unless you are standing in front of them but if in the moment they become front and center in your mind, if the thought of them makes you smile.. 18 more words


It's gonna be a hard awakening...

It is that I insist too much in finding a world, a reality that it’s too long gone? Or is it just that it’s actually never existed? 25 more words

Debbie Downer is no trophy wife

Debbie Downer was officially in town last night. A fictional character that in my meth days with my Sir was the stage in the getting high process we referred to as coming down ,because I knew that when he started to come down my few days with him was coming to an end very quickly and it would then make me upset and sooky. 311 more words


Neat Mess

Yesterday Byren, Chase and I went out for a late lunch at a local restaurant. It was nice to be able to spend a few hours together with no interruptions and tight schedules. 232 more words


What's his excuse this weekend?

It is my ex’s weekend to have our younger daughter. So far, he bailed on her Friday night and left her stranded at her dance studio.  843 more words



I mentioned to my husband a few days ago that at one point, these meds made me feel like there was no way out.  I didn’t realize how that would affect him. 113 more words