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No longer viable (trigger alert)

I have posted before that I had a hysterectomy and can’t have children now. I didn’t post that I lost two babies in my younger days. 448 more words

#Motivation from aaronkeithhawkins

It’s life. We all know there will be moments when we get angry, disappointed, frustrated, scared…but how often do we actually decide, ahead of time, to set a personal standard for how we’re going to respond? 21 more words


A "little" disappointment.

When I came to new school, I actually hoped that I would make friends, real friends that really care about me. I didn’t. Not even one person. 250 more words

Personal Blog

Chapter 1 - Part 14

“I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am.”

Mark let the moment of silence hung in the air. By now, he was familiar with the pattern of the tiles on the kitchen floor – something he’d never noticed before.


The Forgotten One

I have a best friend . His name is Adriaan and we have been friends for 15 1/2 years! He is going through some spell where he is not speaking to me. 204 more words

Hopeless, Sad, Angry, Disappointed, Fat and Embarrassed on the countdown to 40.

Day 4 on the countdown to 40.  Trust me when I say “Its not turning 40 that has brought up the hopeless, sad, angry, disappointed, fat and embarrassed feelings–its my future.”  When I look back as a little girl, I remember playing with my baby dolls, barbies, watching cartoons, crayons and coloring books.  763 more words