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privilege falls across

privilege falls across
a spectrum –
not having to think
about it
only reinforces
one’s status


More Precious Than Silver

In our church is a ministry called Carelink that helps disadvantaged people with food and other small necessities.

I began volunteering at Carelink that May, sharing Thursday mornings with Riva and Diane. 334 more words


Love As Your Comfort Zone

What’s beautiful about love is that when you fall in love with people, may it be in a romantic or platonic way, you learn to accept their faults and imperfections and just love them unconditionally. 195 more words



disruption: dis|rup¦tion

Pronunciation: /dɪsˈrʌpʃn/

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the Definition of disruption in English:

noun Disturbance or problems which interrupt an eventactivity, or  647 more words

Collective Impact

Self-inflicted disadvantage

When some black people say “It’s because I’m black” in situations where they are experiencing disadvantage because of their race, sometimes it is the truth, but it’s due to our own irresponsibility. 629 more words

The Battle Series: Train

Part one of the Battle Series:

We aspire. We train. We go through hell to master only the best and most efficient of techniques, preparing for that one battle. 255 more words

Random Thought


We’re all the same,
Yet entirely different.
Born with the same blank slate,
Giving into societal norms distorts our future hence

The blind man has the strongest vision… 130 more words