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Poisonous Expectations

There’s a toxic belief permeating all levels of society: that disabled lives are worth less than able ones. In just the last couple of days there has been a political candidate calling for compulsory abortion of fetuses that test positive for genetic conditions such as cerebral palsy, and a columnist in a national (UK) daily newspaper using the phrase “remedial-level dipshit” to describe children with developmental delays. 617 more words



It’s been a production, as we can’t find the wheel lock key.



Join me on the Peace Path

Those of us that have been blessed enough to have spent time around children will recognise the look of utter contentment babies have as they observe the bright, shiny new world they have been thrust into. 316 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

..... " Cat With The Cream " ......

I don’t need to be asked if I,m ok every two minutes,
Or if I still use all me working bits,

I,m not a toy that’s broken that you can’t throw away , 146 more words


Boston: Prologue

Before our trip even started we got fucked over briskly and efficiently by almost everyone who had the opportunity.

Let’s go back to the beginning. A few months ago, in the early planning stages of our trip to Boston, Hannah and I discussed how we were going to get there. 937 more words

Internalized ableism - childhood edition

This post is inspired by some stories I have read on one of my favorite blogs, whatdoyoudodear. The blogger, Mary Evelyn, who is the mother of Simeon with spina bifida, has had some very inspiring guest posts in the series called “Mothers and Daughters” where people have talked about their childhood experiences with disability. 2,360 more words