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Movement and disability: Does mainstream discomfort keep those who crawl immobile?

I’ve been thinking a lot about disability and movement in light of Tracy’s worry that the language of “sitting is the new smoking” and “sitting kills” is ableist. 970 more words


Project 11: Signs as diptychs

So now I have an approach to project 11 that works I made a couple of diptychs below where I replaced the passive standard symbol with more active symbols. 114 more words


Unpacking the Social Model of Disability

I love this article by Lisa Egan exploring disability as a social construct, rather than a medical issue.

“The medical model — the idea that a person has a disability — is the dominant notion in our society. 91 more words



Reposted from Paul Lewis – This is money

A hundred thousand severely disabled people are being told they must set up a pension scheme for their carer. 1,013 more words


3 Weeks

For once, I may have handled my migraines in the professional world in the correct way:

I am on Medical Leave for 3 weeks to rest and recuperate. 146 more words

Ask Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lesbrarian # 6: Books about Queerness and Disability

Hello there!

It’s been lovely to follow you on here! I had a book related question for you. If you’re unable/don’t have the time to answer, no problem! 1,248 more words


Bad neighbors

The wee hours of the morning and the idiots down the street have their music blasting so loud it vibrates our windows.

When did it become normal to have no respect for your neighbors? 106 more words