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"His hands, his hands were everywhere".

“His hands, his hands were everywhere”

On 21 May 2015, it was the opening night of a new theatre production, a one woman show called “Suster” which is the follow up of the show “Smaarties” and the second show of the trilogy (the third show is still being written). 679 more words


#Wisdom from bizxlacademy

Founder, CEO, Owner, Manager, Director, And the whole damn Board 😎 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Do You OWN your life, or are you an employee? If you just show up every day and punch the clock from 9-5, trading time for money, I’m sorry to say – you ain’t in control. 39 more words


From Actress to Director!

Hello All!

I hope this post find you rested and rejuvenated after a great Memorial Day Weekend; wherein we took moments to remember and honor those who gave their all for the freedoms we share. 861 more words


Preston Sturgis rules for comedy film making

His “golden rules” for successful comedy:

A pretty girl is better than a plain one

A leg is better than an arm

A bedroom is better than a living room… 55 more words

History Of Film

Directors Note...

The inspiration for this show came from many things: all the times any of us have been discriminated against because of sex/gender, the fact that we were seven women, the fact that for some reason women always compare themselves to each other… 164 more words


Meta-Theatre & Making The Show Episodic

Meta-theatre felt the right way to go in regards to ‘Livestock’. Again this felt right with regards to the Brechtian style but I also felt that meta would help show sections of story in a different way. 217 more words


Being Namesless, Verfremdungseffekt & Brecht.

Brechtian style has heavily influenced our show. It seemed like the logical way to go with doing such a tender subject. I don’t want people to come and watch the show feeling sorry for certain actors or characters, I want people to leave thinking about how wrong it is that women aren’t treated that way or how president the topic is right now. 250 more words