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I have a family who fights for me - Paola

Meeting my best friend

First I met Lucas who became my best friend, he was a huge fan of them. I was hater, I didn’t understand why people were so crazy about the boys, including my friend. 605 more words

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Confessions of a Teenage Holiday Whore

This sounds awful, but I am a holiday whore. I did not give the name to myself, it was given to me by my one of my best friends, Dylan. 260 more words

WATTPAD STORIES - Saturday special

I think most of them fandom is reading those fanfictions on wattpad, and that’s why I wanted to share a few of my favorite’s or just some good ones that I like. 457 more words

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Luke Friend: Life Since The X Factor

I was lucky enough to have an exclusive chat with Luke Friend, the laid back, happy-go-lucky 18-year-old that made fame on X Factor with his fantastic voice and wild and unwashed hair back in 2013. 1,710 more words


They make it so much easier but so much harder at the same time - Ke.

I was only 10

I watched the X Factor when the boys were on it. That´s actually also how I found out about them.

I was only ten years old at that time and I was hardly a big fan, but it changed in 2012. 593 more words

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He inspires me - Brina

The first time

The first time that I found out about the boys is a long time ago, I was like 11 or something. My best friend started to like them and she told me that her favorite boy was Niall and my reaction was like “ 387 more words

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I’m sorry again

First of all I really want to say sorry that the Saturday special didn’t come online yesterday because I was in hospital the whole day so I couldn’t post, some of you guys knew that actually. 310 more words

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