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A Shift In The Course

A gentle breeze is blowing by
Scarcely enough to dry my eye
A simple thing has brought me to tears
One of those ingrained, well hidden fears… 93 more words

In The Park

In the park the horse went near Luna, who now understood why 17 more words


Note to self.....

Make no mistake about it GOD has great plans for us all. However he can’t go forward with his plans if you are going forward with yours at the same time. 113 more words

My mission, if I choose to accept it...

One of the first things I have chosen to do in my journey to increasing self-discipline is to create a mission statement; I wanted to have something that I can refer to that reminds me of my… 168 more words

"is what i'm doing worth my time, and how will i know?"

“Is what I’m doing worth my time, and how will I know?” This is one of life’s big questions. Sometimes finding the answer seems practically impossible, and can take a really long time. 403 more words

Zayn Malik’s Shaved Head: He Needed A ‘Fresh Start’ After Quitting 1D LOL

When Zayn Malik, 22, revealed a new shaved head, his fans were heartbroken his flowing locks were no more. But SHAMOONATION has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the former One Direction star’s new haircut is all part of his cleanse after leaving the group. 18 more words

One way

Today I was talking with a friend about her favorite places around town:

“There’s so many interesting things downtown I’d love to do. I avoid downtown though because of all the one-way streets.” 99 more words

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