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125 Inspirational Quotes for Aspiring "Docpreneurs" ...

125 Inspirational Quotes for “DocPreneurs” and Concierge Care Industry Influencers

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief, CMT

MAY 25, 2015 – Our mission is to communicate news and relevant educational information about the growing industry’s of concierge medicine and direct-pay, primary care. 13,804 more words


MAINE: 'A recorded conversation about DPC.' ~Maine NPR

By Keith Shortall

May 21, 2015 – Direct Primary Care is as an alternative to fee-for-service health care. It requires a monthly flat fee and promises better patient/doctor interaction. 123 more words


RISING TREND: 'Retail clinics in rural areas would widen primary care.'

Tom Charland, CEO of Merchant Medicine, said CVS’ Minute Clinic push — it’s gone from 146 in January 2007 to 947 in 2015 — likely points to a future where more hospitals and affiliated primary care physicians work with retail clinics to build relationships and monitor treatments with face-to-face interactions. 720 more words


MEDTECH BOSTON: Iora Health Reimagines Primary Care, Three Steps at a Time.


MARCH 24, 2015 – Primary care practices often seem to follow a set of unwritten rules: a patient enters the clinic, checks in with the receptionist, and then waits for the nurse or doctor. 978 more words


BOSTON: (WBUR) RADIO -- Your Doctor, Always Available, For A Monthly Fee

May 21, 2015 | 7:26 AM | Martha Bebinger

BOSTON – For 10 years, Jeff Gold showed up to a job he wanted to love: being a family doctor. 952 more words


'Disruptive' seminar planned for health care innovation -- Portsmouth, NH

By Paul Briand

May 17, 2015 at 3:04 PM –  PORTSMOUTH, NH – Not everyone thinks of disruption as a good thing, but Mark Galvin sees disruptive innovation as a potential boon to the health care industry. 543 more words