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When Good Intentions Go Awry

My 20 month old is obsessed with dinosaurs. He loves the Dinosaur Train, Giggleosaurus, Dorothy the Dinosaur, reading his dinosaur books and roaring around the house. 300 more words


Scientists locate a reptile that predates dinosaurs

LONG before dinosaurs, there was a terrifying 2.7-metre-long crocodilian ancestor with bladelike teeth and the ability to run on its hind legs.

The fearsome predator known as Carnufex carolinensis, or the Carolina Butcher, is believed to have preyed upon small reptiles and mammals during its reign. 292 more words


Two flying dinos

These are two drawings I did at very different times… the pterodactyl was done about a year ago, and the archaeopteryx was done a few months ago.  22 more words


Drawing of an Allosaurus! RAWR!

It looks like a t-rex to me!  It took me three days to complete this one. The scales were hard work and I was being pretty picky.


My Pet

I went to the pet store.

I went to get a pet.

Ask me.

Ask me, what pet I went to get.

Did you get a rabbit? 128 more words


Jurassic Park (1993) - Steven Spielberg

I was shocked at how much of an impact this film must have had on my psyche as a child – I remembered the scene with the kids in the kitchen as though I’d just seen it the day before. 38 more words


One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing

I’ve just come back from Lates at the Natural History Museum! If you haven’t been, then GO. I mean to the museum in general, but if you can get yourself to a late night then you can look at dinosaurs with a) no children in the way; b) funky music playing; and c) booze. 67 more words