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My favorite side dish 

Fresh Green Beans and Potatoes

I think what I like most about this side dish is how simple it is to make and how fresh it is. 166 more words

Cos I eats me spinach....

Sometimes it’s easy, quick and convenient to reach for a takeaway menu and at the touch of a button there’s a young man at your door with cartons of food, he could be naked for all you care, all your eyes are fixated on is what’s in his hand! 80 more words

Healthy Eating


Tomato Pie | Corn on the Cob | Basil Salad | Blueberries & Cream

The major and minor passions.
Sunlight. Hair.

The basic pleasures. Tomatoes, Keats,

251 more words
Dinner Ideas


BLTs | Potato Chips | Watermelon Slices | Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Whether or not you’re in vacation mode this week, a picnic for dinner makes life feel more vacation-y. 271 more words

Dinner Ideas

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

So while this recipe is for lamb shanks, you can use any kind of slow cooking red meat like gravy beef or osso bucco. We have used kangaroo a few times. 325 more words


Baked Chicken and Vegetables

This is one of those meals that is absolutely perfect at the end of the week when you have a mixture of veges in your fridge but not enough of each to really so anything with. 293 more words

Menu Planning

Weekly Menu 29th June - 5th July

Meal planning would have to be one of the easiest ways to get organised. On the weeks I don’t meal plan I spend that much more time thinking about what to have for dinner, not to mention the extra 3 or 4 trips to the shops and who can be bothered doing that, not me. 194 more words