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The Benefits of an Elder Sister! Naturally I'd digress.

The benefits of an elder sister

This can be taken as a companion article to my last one wherein I talked about the perils of an elder sister. 617 more words


Education's origin but do I need to digress here?

I recently read a book called Rich Dad vs. Poor Dad. This book is about personal financial management but that’s not what this post is about. 444 more words


5 Reasons Why Laurence Sterne was Light Years Ahead of His Time

“Digressions incontestably are the sunshine; the life, the soul of reading.”

In terms of literary innovation, the novel has fallen on tough times. It’s too bad because the term itself is supposed to mean “new.” It’s not just the novel’s fault, nor is it just the publishing industry’s changing times. 728 more words

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Tell me something about yourself... but i digress.

This is a quintessential question asked in almost all interviews. Its a way for the examiner to get the interview rolling. (Personally, I usually fuck this thing up more than anything else and things go downhill from there. 600 more words


The perils of an elder sister, but why am I digressing here?

I do not profess to be an expert on the subject, nor do I claim extensive research based knowledge. I’m only here to share my personal experiences with an autocratic elder sister who has for the most part of her life (and as a corollary, mine) gone around… 750 more words


28/1 The first decent night down in The Cellar Bar and a day of lessons 01:53am

Today I created a maxim: “Small City; Sensible Mouth.”

If you want to know the story of that lesson you can contact me directly on adam.eholton@gmail.com and similarly if you would like to receive private and intimate correspondence with this travelling narrator contact me on the aforementioned email. 658 more words

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I have made a commitment to write for at least 10 minutes each day. So, the timer is set and my house smells of Pine Sol. 554 more words