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Life is a Flow

Not knowing what’s coming next is the story of my life
I like surprises and will usually go with the flow
Of what’s happening with the world, and where it could… 217 more words



People dislike me, I completely understand why they would because I’m a very indirect guy that can never get to the point, while digressing to other subjects in a conversation randomly. 319 more words

Free Associate

I have chosen what college I’m going to. It’s in Florida, a place I’d swore I’d never live because of the heat. Life is funny that way. 377 more words

Coming home

I started writing this blog when I started borrowing books from the local library. That time, I was still studying in uni, and had enough spare time on my hands to read more than I do today. 396 more words


The Benefits of an Elder Sister! Naturally I'd digress.

The benefits of an elder sister

This can be taken as a companion article to my last one wherein I talked about the perils of an elder sister. 617 more words


Education's origin but do I need to digress here?

I recently read a book called Rich Dad vs. Poor Dad. This book is about personal financial management but that’s not what this post is about. 444 more words


5 Reasons Why Laurence Sterne was Light Years Ahead of His Time

“Digressions incontestably are the sunshine; the life, the soul of reading.”

In terms of literary innovation, the novel has fallen on tough times. It’s too bad because the term itself is supposed to mean “new.” It’s not just the novel’s fault, nor is it just the publishing industry’s changing times. 728 more words

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