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Global HIV/AIDS Activism in the Digital World


In the United States, media coverage of the HIV/AIDS health crisis is no longer a priority due to an increasing perception that it is a manageable condition rather than a fatal diagnosis. 1,197 more words

Global Health Today

Press app for iPhone - logging your coffee journey

First things first. If ever there were an app icon that encapsulates the predominant themes of this blog — surely this has to be it. 880 more words


Digital Tool Tuesday: Memes and sticky social stuff

A couple of tools today to help your stories get more attention on social media.

Vox meme generator

Allows you to add text, watermarks, quotes to a photo for greater impact when sharing on social media. 84 more words

The Evolution of the Learning Management System

Where is the ubiquitous Learning Management System (LMS) heading if 21st century learning is founded in flexibility, communication and authentic experiences? New thinking is describing a mash-up interface for learners based on the principles of… 440 more words

Digital Tools

Welcome to Reboot 2.0's Workroom!

The three tools this year are TimeRime (interactive temporal), ChronoZoom (temporal & geo-spatial), and textexture (visualization of hypertexts). As you explore these platforms and experiment with their capabilities in your groups, please link your work in a post to this page and interact with other group’s work. 26 more words

Digital Humanities

Revising Exit Tickets with Digital Tools

If you’re a proficient technology integrator, you know that using technology in lessons for technology’s sake is not effective — when decisions about tech are made in the lesson planning process before decisions about instruction, the outcomes sometimes suffer at the mercy of the tool.   196 more words