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There’s no question about it, mobile access is a necessity regardless of your audience. But is an app the right path? Take some time to evaluate the right choice for who you are trying to reach and what you are trying to accomplish. 30 more words


CES wraps

January 2015 and we celebrate the wrap party of another amazing CES. But, it wasn’t just amazing, it was record breaking! The 2015 International CES… 160 more words

Digital PR

Great social content brings Grimsby Town closer to the fans

It’s been great to see Grimsby Town receive universal praise for their unique and brilliant John Lewis Christmas advert. Timely, relevant and well made, it’s an example of how football clubs have needed to adapt over recent years in order to market themselves successfully and engage with the fans. 324 more words


How has the internet changed PR

Internet has transformed not only how we communicate, but with whom, when and where. Traditional media are experimenting with new business models, while brands speak directly to their customers and media management tools are released every day, plus there are also now bloggers too. 364 more words

Public Relations

Decoding Digital DNA - A Strategic Perspective for PR Agencies in India

Continuing from my previous post about how a PR company could possibly bring a significant change to the digital ecosystem in India. Here’s a basic presentation as to how any small Public Relations company can build a 360 degree Digitally Services portfolio for their clients and improve upon their revenues in long term. 210 more words


Digital PR Measurement Tips: Best Practices from the Trenches

August 15-16, 2013: Digital PR Best Practices Conference – 

Joined Mark Ragan (@MarkRaganCEO), Maria Poveromo (@mariapoveromo), and Sam Hosenkamp (@SamHosenkamp) to discuss and present proven solutions for providing metrics, ROI and KPIs for your social media to persuade the social media skeptics in the C-suite. 11 more words


Why Digital Public Relations is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

The world is moving faster than ever before for mounting products and services has now become a challenging task because there’s so much competition in the marketplace. 479 more words

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