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Finally going to use Youtube!

In the big clean up of online sites, old accounts and so on, I finally deleted an old youtube a/c that I had not used much.   149 more words

Digital Art

[FANART] 150423 brapainter!Taeyeon

This started out as a chat with @itsakyo and @taengoocake about geeky bras which eventually led to brapainter!Taeyeon. AK and I started writing/drawing around the same time; she showed me her draft while I was still working on lineart, which inspired some parts of this. Check out her story here!


Mountains and Clouds

Here’s a few iPad drawings I had made a couple of weeks ago. Above is the third and final drawing of these three. Originally I was going to have ibexes in the foreground like in the two sketches before it, but it wasn’t working like I wanted in this final one and I redesigned it to have birds flying. 57 more words