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Collage and Concept

Enjoying this experimental phase, I use the word “enjoying,” rather loosely.


Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!


Those Pesky Squirrels!

The bane of my life are the huge amounts of squirrels living in our trees out the back, and of course all over the area.  While they are cute and at the same time pretty stupid (they never seem to find the nuts they bury!), they are constantly at war with each other – usually over territory – they are also a pain in the you know what, because they eat loads of fresh shoots and flower buds, not to mention any veggies growing.   393 more words

Digital Art

[FANART] 150507 Taeyeon - Face The Gallows

Referenced from POTC / Assassin’s Creed and Charlie’s Angels 2.


[FANART] 150507 Sogeum's diary #fmdatesign

(From Sogeum: Is that… my diary?)

This one was for @chicagosone‘s FMdate sign contest. Thank you so much ^^ [x][x]


Then and now - Molly!

You know that old chestnut – “if you keep doing the same thing you’ll get the same results”?  Well, After almost 9 – 10 months of not painting anything digitally, other than an Iris flower, and wanting to get back into slinging paint on canvas – I thought to myself maybe it’s time to experiment a little with your digital software.   438 more words

Digital Art


A selection of both recent and older digital landscape speedpaintings. All painted in photshop using an old bambo fun tablet. For these I didn’t use any references, I just painted whatever came to mind at the time being. 35 more words