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Glorious Jewel

Here is another picture of Pthosi.  Who likes hunting holocrons underwater… because I wanted to draw underwater caves.  SO IT IS SPOKEN, SO IT SHALL BE WRITTEN. 39 more words


Digital Painting (Love and Money)

We wrap our self with it, we hold onto it like a woman holds onto her sucking child. This romance between man and money is endless.


Digital Painting (Dusk)

There is an amity at a certain point at dusk, this feeling is multiplied when you are at a water side.


Digital Painting (Motherhood)

Semi-abstracting digital painting, reflecting the warm and care of mothers.


Color Blind, part 2

Wanna hear something funny? When I dropped in my color for this image, I did it in color! Had to correct that after I realized it. 251 more words

Digital Painting (MASK)

Mask in Nigeria play a significant part in our day to day culture. Here I tried to express the purpose of the wearer, which is simply reflecting intent to the onlooker.


Been trying to post this since yesterday

This is my other favorite for  header image but given the tagline i like the other one better both where done around the same period in 2010! 87 more words