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human element proposal

For my human element final i am thinking of taking the everyday movements of a person. specifically the moments that people do without even being conscious of it most of the time.   47 more words

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Color Blind part 3

So now we’re ready to add color to the image first I select a new layer and change it’s setting to color. I do the same for the brush, softening and lowering it’s opacity as well. 160 more words

What do universities have in common with record labels?

Interesting article on Quartz.com tracking how “the internet’s power to unbundle content sparked a rapid transformation of the music industry’ and arguing that”and it’s doing the same thing to higher education today. 434 more words

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The five rules of normal management, number FIVE: PERSEVERANCE

Here’s some good advice from the analogue age – which is vital also for the digital age.

This is wisdom received from a successful entrepreneur in the land of finance from the days before the “entrepreneur” was ubiquitous. 400 more words



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