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Students respond to an unusual English course

The UWaterloo Arts Online magazine has published an article on English 408C, The Rhetoric of Digital Design, featuring interviews with students–some of whom definitely panicked when they saw the syllabus! 620 more words


Digital Media Project

Here is my video project I did as an IT Specialist working for a company that wants to expand its digital media resources.

Digital Media

Human Movement project proposal

So for our final project in digital media our concentration is on the human body and how it moves. I don’t really have an solid ideas for this project yet, but i know that i want to work really hard on this and make the video scenes very majestic and possibly do a lot of overlapping with the videos. 75 more words

Digital Media

In- Class video project

So for this project we had to take 12 videos that were 20 seconds long and they could be as random as we liked. Then when we got to class we had to switch our videos with a random person and edit their videos into a minute long short random film. 139 more words

Digital Media

Digital Media Final

My proposal for this final is to use audio and video of my brother playing piano with added video of humans doing activities. I plan to film myself and others moving around, doing yoga, etc with an array of micro and macro shots. 13 more words

Digital Media

in class video project

our in class videos were interesting to say the least. i went in expecting to work on my own videos but when class started we were told that we needed to trade videos and work with other people’s videos, a clean slate that we have no ideas going into it. 22 more words

Digital Media