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Creating an Omeka Collection

For class, we all had to create a small collection on Omeka. The site’s clear layout and simple uploading process made this project very easy. 450 more words

Digital History

What's the Deal with Archives? Does Anyone Really Know?

Disclaimer: I am not an archivist and I have minimal experience with archives. However, I thought that I at least knew what an archive was. Boy was I wrong. 818 more words

Digital History

Why Bother Reaching the Masses if You Aren’t Serving Them Well?

The name of this blog is “Public History Goes Digital” for a reason. Today, public historians strive to reach as many people as possible and the internet’s seemingly infinite space and open accessibility makes it much easier. 987 more words

Digital History

Join the Debate

Qualifying History in its Many Applications: The Anyone-can-do-it Model of Digital History

History as a discipline and practice is widely debated. Is it a social science?

618 more words

Into the fragmentary

Let me entice you into the half-light, into the region inhabited by manuscripts which are no longer fully alive but which have not disappeared entirely – the world of undead books. 1,750 more words


More Mapping Margaret Sanger

We always knew that Margaret Sanger was a busy woman, but now we are beginning to see just how active she was.  We had first started thinking about the idea in 2012, when we started the “ 764 more words


Welcome to Digital History Didactics!

On this blog you will find posts on digtal history and didactics by researchers Anna Nilsson Hammar and Joachim Östlund, both active at the Department of History, Lund University, Sweden. 35 more words

Digital Didactics