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What’s in Your ‘Trep Toolbox? Part 6: Tech Tools

“You can be good at technology and still like fashion and art. You can do it your way, on your terms. ”

— Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO… 1,156 more words

Balancing Humanity & Technology

Tone, English Class, and Electronic Tattoos

Here’s the understatement of the day: social media is a thing. If you are 13-18 years old, it’s THE thing, when thinking about communication and connection with friends. 326 more words

Topics I searched for

Being a Digital Native, there’s a lot that goes on in your web browser history. My searches are summarized in the chart below.

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Digital Footprint

The application process and your "digital footprint"

It’s funny how unintentionally circular life can be. Five years ago I was frantically putting together my supplementary application for my Concurrent Bachelor of Education, just as many of you who are reading this are doing. 365 more words


My digital footprint

My digital footprint consists of the sites that i have visited and ones i’m a member of. When googling myself, i couldn’t really find anything out of the ordinary – other than supermodels with the same name as me. 75 more words

Social Experiment : My Digital Data (Part 1)

Everything seems predictable on the surface. We think we know ourselves but do we really? Your daily routine and digital footprint can reveal facets of your personality, you were so far unaware of. 382 more words

Digital Footprint

Privacy Online - Top Tips

The Digital Footprint Campaign is focusing on privacy this month. We all know what we should do but do we do it?

Listen to the… 153 more words

Digital Footprint