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Teaching in a Digital World: Digital Identities and Digital Security

Despite how cautious someone might be when accessing the Internet, there will always be an instance where we are faced with the ‘please read the terms and conditions’ and to acknowledge them by selecting ‘accept or decline’. 239 more words


Beyond Passwords (Stay Safe Online: Part 3)

Welcome back to the third part of our series on securing your social media and online accounts! This week, we’re going to look at how you can improve your security by using more than just passwords on online accounts. 785 more words

Digital Footprint

Software Developers - Mind Your Footprint!

I’ve been running a software services operation for the past few years and spend a lot of time searching for great software developers to work on our internal projects (product builds) and to work with our clients (mainly enterprise stack, and some product work too). 276 more words

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Are you stalking me?

Ever feel like Big Brother is watching your every move?

Well he is.  Except it’s not a he, it’s an app.  And with Forrester predicting Europe’s online retail sales will hit €191bn by 2017 it is easy to see why. 322 more words


Digital Footprints: the Good, the Bad, and the Borderline Unbelievable

Author’s Note: This post is a re-make of one I did a couple of months ago. I wanted to use what I’ve learned in the time since I started this blog to make my content better for you, the readers.

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Keeping up with our digital footprint

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The digital world has a very good memory. Thus, recovering a damaged reputation online is a very difficult task. Additionally, personal references are becoming less and less relevant. 408 more words

Social Networks

How social media can advance or ruin lives

Rachel Coster considers Twitter her résumé as it showcases her most valuable talent: being funny.

A freshman majoring in media and screen studies, Coster is very open on the social media platform, tweeting a range of mostly jokes with subjects including her appearance, embarrassing moments and love life. 1,384 more words