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A reading list for digital citizenship in secondary schools

A recent university assignment investigating Digital Citizenship in Education studied in the Masters course, Knowledge networks and digital innovation, being studied through Charles Sturt University (CSU) required students to assess digital citizenship needs within their school environments and make recommendations for future directions. 2,427 more words

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Digital Identities and Digital Security

When it comes to our online presence, let’s face it: “Digital Security” sounds restrictive, time consuming, tedious and inhibiting to say the least, and “Digital Identity” sounds like an avenue for some creative redesigning of our boring, mundane lives. 374 more words

Developing digital leaders = including students in your school’s digital citizenship strategy

We cannot predict what technology will look like by the time our students graduate so how do we educate them to be citizens of a digital world that does not exist yet?   669 more words

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How safe are you? Really?

You wouldn’t give a perfect stranger, that you meet on the street, your personal mobile number and address would you?  Or stand up in front of a school assembly and share your deepest secrets?   257 more words


Following My Digital Footprint

I have often been warned to watch what I post on the internet because once you post something it is there forever. Although this is sound advice to remember when about to tell off a friend about flirting with your boyfriend, it may not be a way to live your life. 95 more words

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What's Your Digital Footprint? How Your Use Of Social Media Could Screw Your Career

No shade here – but we reckon Nonhle Thema is probably ready to publish an entire book exploring the risks involved with putting yourself out there as far as social media is concerned (And yes, we’d pre-order). 432 more words

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Educators, Social Media and Networking: A Serendipitous Relationship

“We need, first, to take charge of our own learning, and next, help others take charge of their own learning. We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something that is provided for us, and toward the idea that an education is something that we create for ourselves. 1,437 more words