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Curating the Web With Wayback Machine

Digital curation preserves memory in a world characterized by the ability to access information within seconds, and then forget it moments later. We value our digital devices not only because they store our data, but also because they assist us in deleting embarrassing photos, rude comments, and search histories with a touch of a button. 233 more words

Library Stuff

Speaking to John Vilk about the Internet Archive's In-Browser MS-DOS Collection (Part 2)

D: Okay, got it. So why does the IA have access to this huge DOS game collection?

J: So Jason Scott is behind all the content acquisition and uploading. 3,114 more words

Longer Writing

Learning the art of Digital Content Curation

It is undeniable that we live in a world of information overload. Check out Internet Live Stats to be truly ‘infowhelmed’!

As busy people, it is often at precisely the wrong time that we find that fascinating article, or when we are looking for something else that we discover a great resource for the future. 1,443 more words

Information Literacy

May I speak Openly about mass digitization?

This blog post, dated 2008, is a mantra for all who believe in open access to the wealth of knowledge rapidly being digitized (and, really, material that is digital native). 221 more words


NDSA National Agenda for Digital Stewardship

I was intrigued by this document, not only for it’s relevance to our course topic, but also for my own professional endeavors in dealing with digital content. 107 more words